How to Pick New Year’s Resolutions for Your Skin That You’ll Actually Stick To

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Published: December 15, 2021

There are four words we hear on heavy rotation as the latter half of December begins to settle in: “new year, new me.” Since time immemorial, people all over the world have looked at the new year as an opportunity to reinvent themselves for the better. As January approaches, we think long and hard about the resolutions we want to commit to throughout the year to come.

Along with these resolutions, however, comes an unspoken pressure to make lasting commitments to our future selves. Oftentimes, it’s hard to hold ourselves accountable in the long term. Among the common resolutions that people often find difficult to see through are ones that involve self-care and beauty. You might know the feeling: you kick off the year inspired and excited, but find it increasingly challenging to deliver on your new year’s resolutions for your skin.

This year, we want to make good on our commitments — but that starts with making the right commitments. The question is, how can you make new year’s resolutions for your skin that you can stick to?

How to Pick New Year’s Resolutions for Your Skin

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Coming up with new year’s resolutions for your skin — ones that you can devote yourself to from January to December — is not as hard as it seems. In fact, the only rule to keep in mind is this: be realistic.

For far too long, we’ve focused on attaining perfect, poreless skin and perfecting ten-step regimens. This year, consider reframing your mindset. It doesn’t matter how many different steps you commit to or how much acne scarring or discoloration you have. Rather than setting hard targets, pick new year’s resolutions for your skin that can measure practical progress. Tailor your resolutions to match your unique skin type, skin concerns, and skin issues.

If your past new year’s resolutions for your skin have focused on perfection rather than progression, or if it’s simply your first time making commitments related to skincare, it can be difficult to come up with realistic resolutions. If you need a few thought-starters to get the ball rolling, consider adding these ideas to your list:

Go Big on Balance

As the new year approaches, many begin to think about rekindling a sense of balance in their lives, whether it be balancing their own wants with those of others or finally achieving a healthier work-life balance. This journey towards balance can also apply to your skin.

Skin balance banks on your natural pH level. The skin’s pH is right around 5.5, which is slightly acidic. Meanwhile, most soaps and products have a higher pH level, typically between 8 to 10. Using soaps and cleansers can sometimes set your skin off-balance, throwing its pH level off-kilter. However, it’s important to dial your skin back to its acidic state to prevent irritation.

A Balancing Toner

Bionyx Facial Toner

One of the ways you can set your skin back into balance is with a post-cleanse toner like Bionyx’s Facial Toner.

When toners first came into popularity, most had harsh, astringent formulations. Today, most toners are formulated to be gentle on the skin. In particular, the Bionyx Facial Toner is free of three popular skincare ingredients that tend to cause skin irritation:

  • Alcohol, which strips the skin of moisture.
  • Fragrance, which heightens sensitivity.
  • Essential oils. While certain essential oils are popular for spot-treating acne, in most cases, the looming danger of skin irritation simply outweighs the positives.

Instead, the Facial Toner includes a short but high-performing list of ingredients. One of the main ingredients is Niacinamide, otherwise known as Vitamin B3. A popular ingredient today, Niacinamide readily penetrates the skin and typically does not irritate the skin in concentrations of up to 5%. Apart from helping to rebalance the skin, thanks to its Niacinamide content, the Facial Toner can benefit the skin by:

  • Reducing fine lines and signs of aging.
  • Improving barrier function, therefore reducing transepidermal water loss and increasing resistance against external agents.
  • Decreasing yellowing and hyperpigmentation by inhibiting oxidation and melanosome transfer.
  • Brightening the overall complexion.

Needless to say, Niacinamide is a powerful multitasker. Case in point: a 12-week double-blind, split-face test using 5% Niacinamide reported noticeable improvements in hyperpigmentation, redness, wrinkles, yellowing, and skin elasticity.

A Skin Balancing Mask

Bionyx product

Another skin-balancing product to add to your 2022 routine is the Alloy Magnetic Synergy Mask. A weekly restorative elixir for the skin, this product combines a variety of antioxidants, soothing ingredients, and nourishing oils to set your skin back to its natural state. Some of the notable ingredients found in its formulation include:

  • Rosemary Leaf Extract, which is an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredient. It also has antioxidant properties, which help the skin put up a fight against external stressors.
  • Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, otherwise known as Hempseed Oil. Despite being an oil, this ingredient is non-comedogenic, meaning it does not clog pores. This makes it a great choice for virtually every skin type. In addition to providing a punch of moisture, Hempseed Oil helps combat acne and skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.
  • Sunflower Oil. An ingredient with a long, colorful history, Sunflower Oil has been used for thousands of years, dating back to as early as 3000 BC. In terms of its skin-saving properties, it is rich in barrier-fortifying fatty acids.

One thing to note about the Alloy Magnetic Mask: While the fragrance is not listed as an ingredient, some of the natural ingredients like Rosemary Leaf Extract contain a small percentage of essential oils, which may irritate those with sensitive skin. As with all skincare products, make sure to patch test before fully integrating this into your routine.

Prioritize Protection Over Perfection

We’ve talked a little about antioxidants above. You can think of these as your skin insurance. Antioxidants are the first line of defense when it comes to fighting off environmental skin stressors. Smoke, strong wind, pollution — all of these qualify as external forces that can contribute to skin stress and damage. The biggest culprit of them all: UV rays. UV exposure can cause up to 80% of visible signs of aging, which include sagging, wrinkling, and fine lines.

That said, this year, let protection be your goal. They say prevention is always better than a cure — this statement is extremely true when it comes to skincare.

One way to keep your skin safe in the coming year is to load up on antioxidants. To understand just how beneficial antioxidants can be to a skincare routine, we must first break down what free radicals are.

“Free radicals” are unstable atoms and the product of molecule oxidation. Formed by the skin cells when exposed to external aggressions, these free radicals can wreak havoc on the skin. They can cause skin illness, visible damage, and aging — likely the opposite of what you had in mind for your new year’s resolutions for your skin.

This is where antioxidants come in. Typically found in fruits and plant extracts, antioxidants neutralize free radicals, preventing them from harming and prematurely aging the skin. Here’s our antioxidant-rich skincare pick:

Antioxidant-Rich Skincare

Bionyx Platinum Transformative Serum - New Year’s Resolutions for Your Skin

The Platinum Transformative Serum is a wrinkle-reducing, skin-brightening product brimming with protective antioxidants. It has Ascorbic Acid or Vitamin C, which is most popularly known for reducing dark spots and fighting off dullness. However, Vitamin C is also a potent antioxidant. It plays a key role in helping our skin form collagen and, when applied with sunscreen, can boost sun protection.

Some of the other antioxidants in the Platinum Transformative Serum include:

  • Green Tea Extract, which is rich in a component called polyphenols. These help the skin fight irritation, redness, and UV damage.
  • Witch Hazel Extract. In addition to being an antioxidant, Witch Hazel constricts blood vessels to lessen the appearance of redness and promotes skin healing.
  • Vitamin E, particularly in the form of Tocopheryl Acetate. While this is not the pure form of Vitamin E, it is more stable and has the benefit of having a longer shelf life.
  • Colloidal Platinum, which keeps signs of aging at bay and boosts radiance.

Make Moisture a Priority

Moisturizer is often misconstrued as a bad thing for those with oily and acne-prone skin. Let us set the record straight: regardless of skin type, everyone needs a healthy level of skin moisture. Moisturizer is a necessity. In fact, your skin might not even be oily: it may just be overcompensating for a lack of moisture by producing excess sebum.

A good moisturizer is made up of three key ingredients:

  • Humectants, which draw water into the skin.
  • Occlusives, which seal the water within the skin.
  • Emollients, which give the skin a soft, smooth feeling.

These three elements work together to ensure that the skin maintains healthy hydration levels while feeling soft and supple.

While all people need moisturizers, your skin type does play an important role in determining which moisturizer you should choose. If you’re looking to work moisturizers into your routine as one of your new year’s resolutions for your skin, here are a few recommendations to get you started:

Choosing a Moisturizer for Your Skin Type

The Bionyx Rhodium Essential Day Cream - New Year’s Resolutions for Your Skin

If you have combination, oily, or acne-prone skin, or just prefer wearing something more lightweight throughout the day, consider the Bionyx Rhodium Essential Day Cream. Despite being a cream formulation, this product is lightweight and non-greasy. This makes it ideal for layering under sunscreen or makeup. The Rhodium Essential Day Cream keeps the skin hydrated with Propylene Glycol and Hydrolyzed Oat Protein, then locks it in with a layer of moisture from soothing Shea Butter.

An alternative for those who have dry skin types is the Bionyx Rhodium Night Recovery Cream. This has a thicker consistency than the day cream, with richer and more moisturizing ingredients to boot. Apart from being a great addition to your evening regimen, this product is also ideal for combatting the cold weather dryness that sticks around during the early months of the year.

Don’t Forget About Body Care

Do you give your body the same level of care as your face? Is your body care routine as curated as your daily skincare? This year, let your new year’s resolutions for your skin go beyond your face, neck, and decolletage. After all, the rest of your body is just as deserving of a good pampering session.

This year, consider adding the Bionyx Salt Scrub to your bathtime routine. Formulated with Sea Salt and Mineral Oil, the Bionyx Salt Scrub gently lifts off dead skin cells to unveil softer and more radiant skin.

Follow it up with a layer of the Bionyx Body Butter to lock in that post-shower hydration. With Glycerin and Shea Butter, this soothing formulation can help you end your baths on a good note every day.

Platinum-Infused Skincare

Bionyx syringe - New Year’s Resolutions for Your Skin

If you compare the ingredient lists of the products recommended above, you’ll find a common thread linking them all: Platinum. Just like the growing popularity of gold-infused skincare, Platinum is another precious metal that is making waves in the beauty world. And yes, it most definitely deserves a spot in your list of new year’s resolutions for your skin.

Platinum is the star ingredient here at Bionyx, meaning that you’ll find it across all our products and collections. A highly catalytic ingredient, Platinum shows great promise in boosting chemical reactions like skin hydration and absorption of products. Like many of the nourishing ingredients discussed above, Platinum is also an antioxidant, meaning it can contribute to protecting the skin against the daily stressors we inevitably expose ourselves to.

Making promises you’ll keep in the coming year doesn’t have to be so difficult, not when your new year’s resolutions for your skin are practical and tailored to your unique skin state and goals. There’s no need to rush into perfection. After all, if the new year can teach us anything, it’s that we will continue to progress and grow — in terms of our skin health and beyond. Which new year’s resolutions for your skin are you committing to in 2022?

Discover more Platinum-infused skincare solutions for the new year online at Bionyx.

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