Platinum Facial & Eye Mask Routine

Size: 90g / 3.17oz (14 facial masks) (12 eye masks)

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Give your skin a boost of minerals and reduce signs of aging with the Platinum Facial & Eye Mask Routine. Formulated with collagen and hyaluronic acid to help rejuvenate your skin.

Find Out More Not tested on animals & paraben free
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Recommended for use once per week

Step 1: Cleanse and dry face
Step 2: Remove one pair of eye masks from packaging
Step 3: Apply one mask under each eye, narrow side pointing towards the inner corner of the eye
Step 4: Remove face mask from packaging
Step 5: Smooth mask over the face
Step 6: Leave masks on for 15 minutes
Step 7: Remove mask and discard (one time use only)
Step 8: Rinse face thoroughly with water

What's Inside

Water,Glycerol, Chitosan, Propylene Glycol, Algae Extract, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Collagen, Paraffin Oil, Allantoin, Lambda-Carrageenan, Euxyl PE9010, Hyaluronic Acid, Colloidal Platinum, Lavender Oil, Laureth-25

3 reviews for Platinum Facial & Eye Mask Routine

  1. Sophie

    I find myself to be short on words trying to describe this product. I constantly suffer from dark circles and puffy eyes and was really desperate for something that actually worked. I tried many brands (drug store and luxury ones) before this, but nothing seemed to work. However, ever since I began to use this product in combination with their eye cream, my puffiness and dark circles have actually become better. I finally look like I am getting proper sleep, rather than coming across as a zombie who works 24 x 7.

  2. Rylee

    I just got the Bionyx Platinum Facial and Eye Mask Routine as a gift, and I am already loving it. I particularly like how it makes my eye area feels. Love that refreshed feeling and I always use this product in combination with the Platinum Eye Cream (from the same brand). Within 2 weeks, my skin has shown tremendous signs of improvement. I will certainly continue to purchase the product once I need refills.

  3. kristie

    such a cool product! i have been reading a bunch of blogs lately talking about all these different types of amazing skin care products coming from korea and one of the ones that keeps getting mentioned is a mask style product. got this mask as a gift and i couldnt wait to try it and check out what the hype is about. these masks are perfect for summer… after a day when i feel sticky or hot and tired this is just so relaxing. it feels gelatinous and cool to the touch (i store it in a cool place) when you put it on your skin. its super refreshing and makes skin feel really nice afterwards. my secret tip is on real hot days keep it in the fridge… it feels so good to put this cool mask on your skin!

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