What Exactly is a Facial Peeling Gel?

Woman applying peeling gel

Published: May 12, 2021

Woman applying peeling gel

Are you searching for a way to gently remove dead skin cells, dirt, and oil from your skin? Well, you don’t need to look further than the Bionyx Facial Peeling Gel

You have probably seen and heard of numerous products and procedures to exfoliate. Whenever we think about exfoliating, we have the impression that it will be irritating and harsh to the skin. Instead of enhancing the feel of your skin, you feel like it might even cause further damage! 

Who wants that? And so, with this in mind, it’s important to choose the best peeling gel for you.

You probably have a lot of questions regarding peeling gels. Don’t worry, Bionyx is here to answer them all. 

What is a Facial Peeling Gel?

Woman applying peeling gel

Facial peeling gels are convenient, gentle, and effective on the skin. So, they’ve taken skin and cosmetic enthusiasts by storm. After all, they are convenient, gentle, and effective! Simply apply it to your skin, massage it in, and then rinse it off. 

Among the many peeling gels out there, Bionyx stands out. The Bionyx facial peeling gels cleanse your skin while making it look smoother and more radiant. Go check out: the Platinum Complex Facial Peeling and the Rhodium Complex Facial Peeling.

Why Should I Exfoliate Using Peeling Gels?

Regular exfoliation brightens your appearance and gives you glowing skin. 

Invest in a good exfoliator like the Bionyx facial peeling gel, a type of at-home chemical peel. You don’t have to visit a healthcare provider to perform the procedure for you. A small amount of the Bionyx facial peeling gel is enough to get rid of all the dead skin cells on your face!

Why Should I Choose the Bionyx Facial Peeling Gel?

Rhodium Complex Facial Peeling-1

There are various facial peels available in the market today, but some of them may be too harsh for your skin. They may also contain some ingredients that aren’t that good for your skin in the long run. Here are some reasons why the Bionyx facial peeling gel is perfect for you.

It Removes Excess Oils and Dirt

Why is it necessary to remove all the excess oil in your skin? Excess oil, together with dead skin cells, inflammation, and bacteria are the top causes of acne! They clog your pores, thereby increasing the appearance of pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, bumps, lumps, and pus.

Contrary to popular belief, dirty skin does not cause acne. However, dirt, along with germs, can cause infection when they enter your skin. Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and it protects you from several diseases. You always have to make sure to keep it feeling healthy.

Cleanse your face with the Platinum 2-step Cleaning Set. This set includes a Milk Cleanser and a Toner. These products whisk away not just dirt and excess oil but also makeup. Its infusion of Vitamin B3, platinum, and hyaluronic acid will make your skin feel smoother and moisturized. This cleaning set is the perfect way to start your skin care regimen. 

Note that washing your skin alone is not enough to remove all the dirt and oil you’ve accumulated throughout the day. To achieve the ultimate cleanse, try out any of the Bionyx facial peeling gels. A tiny amount of the product rids your skin of unwanted dirt and oil and makes your skin feel smoother!

It Hydrates Your Skin

Some peeling gels may be too unforgiving when removing dirt and oil from your skin. On top of this, they can dehydrate your skin. Fortunately, the Bionyx facial peeling gel is packed not just with water but glycerin as well!

More Products To Hydrate Your Skin

Hydration is essential to keep your skin looking healthy. Moisturizers are the go-to skincare product for a good reason. Why? Because it is a good source of hydration and can improve the feel of your skin’s texture.

You have to apply moisturizer immediately after exfoliation.

If you’re looking for Bionyx moisturizers to keep your skin feeling hydrated after exfoliating, check out the Alloy Platinum Infinite Moisture. It’s lightweight and gives your skin a velvety soft feeling. 

You can also try the Platinum Transformative Cream, which prevents the feeling of skin dryness and irritation. Daily use of this product can give you a lasting skin enhancement.

Bionyx products

It is Paraben-Free

Expired skincare products are harmful to your skin. You need to check your products’ use-by date regularly. Toss out those that have gone beyond their expiration date.

Some people are hesitant to do so because there’s still so much product left. However, it’s best to toss expired products than risk using them and getting skin irritation. 

If you’re one to check a product’s shelf life before purchase, Bionyx’s products are a good option for you. Bionyx facial peeling gel has phenoxyethanol, so it has a longer shelf life! 

As if that’s not enough, Bionyx peeling gels are also paraben-free. Some manufacturers use parabens to preserve their cosmetic products. Common parabens in cosmetics include methylparaben, propylparaben, ethylparaben, and butylparaben.

However, researchers believe that parabens have estrogenic effects. Some studies imply that parabens play a role in breast cancer after finding traces in breast cancer tissue. Further studies are still ongoing, so this claim is not proven yet.

Still, it is better to stay away from parabens to be safe.

How Should I Use the Bionyx Facial Peeling Gel?

The Platinum and Rhodium Complex Facial Peeling gels are easy to use. Just put a coin-sized amount of the product on your fingertips. You can also use a cotton swab. Apply it on your face and neck, massaging in upward and circular motions. Avoid areas with peach fuzz or fine hair.

Rinse off the product immediately after 20 to 30 seconds using lukewarm water. Ensure that you do not leave it longer than the recommended time to avoid side effects.

How Often Can I Use a Peeling Gel?

After knowing all the benefits of peeling gels, you might be tempted to use them every day. It is worth noting that you can only use a peeling gel once to thrice a week. It depends on how sensitive your skin is to exfoliation.

Remember that while exfoliating is good for the skin, anything excessive is still harmful. Extreme or improper exfoliation can cause acne breakouts or redness. 

Knowing your skin type is an essential step in exfoliation. Different types of skin have different reactions to exfoliation. Some skin types require light exfoliation because they immediately feel stung or burnt. Fortunately, users of Bionyx facial peeling gels have testified to its effectiveness despite their sensitive skin!

The Verdict: Is the Bionyx Facial Peeling Gel Worth it?


It’s like having several kinds of cosmetic products in one jar! Moreover, Bionyx does not test the peeling gels on animals to ensure that you’re using cruelty-free products. 

Having healthy-looking skin is part and parcel of a healthy body. We always have to take care of it. But remember that effective skincare is not about buying every kind of product you see. It is about finding the perfect products that work best for you. 

Do not be afraid to invest in a good product. It’s a good thing that Bionyx has a wide array of skincare products that cater to different skin concerns and types! 

Use Bionyx peeling gels with other Bionyx products for the best results. 

Try the Essential Set for clean and fresh-feeling skin. Aside from the best-selling Rhodium Complex Facial Peeling, the set includes the Platinum 2-step Cleaning Set (Milk Cleanser and Toner). The Salt Scrub, on the other hand, polishes the appearance of rough skin. Then, finish off with the Body Butter for a hydrated and revitalized feeling.

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