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How to Reduce and Prevent the Appearance of Hand Wrinkles

Woman applying hand cream

Published: August 15, 2021

Woman applying hand cream

In this day and age, dousing our hands with sanitizer and incessantly washing our hands has become the new norm.

However, this may also lead to a tiny problem: the appearance of hand wrinkles.

The skin on our hands can be pretty delicate, meaning that it can tend to crease and lose its elasticity for several reasons. Some of these reasons include aging, washing excessively, dehydration, and sun exposure.

While it’s important to show our hands some love so that they don’t end up looking leathery and crepey, you can’t stop your skin from thinning and aging.

The great news is that you can surely slow down the visibility of the signs of aging. Here at Bionyx, our goal is to provide you with colloidal platinum-infused face and body products that can help to give your skin a smoother and younger look.

The Bionyx Hand and Body Cream is enriched with ingredients that will keep the look of those pesky hand wrinkles away. Its moisturizing properties make it a great addition to your skincare routine. You can use it all over your body and hands after a shower to lock in moisture, rewarding you with a smooth, supple appearance.

Want to keep the look of hand wrinkles at bay? Bionyx is about to take a deeper look at a few easy ways to keep your hands looking young and wrinkle-free!

Slather On That Hand Cream!

Bionyx hand and body cream

Would you leave the house without moisturizer? If your answer is no, you should do the same for your hands as well.

Your hands, which are one of the first places to show the visible signs of aging, might easily give the game away if you overlook them. The best technique to mend and restore the look of wrinkled hands is to use a hand lotion to make them look young and soft.

The skin on your hands has fewer sebaceous glands, meaning it can dry out quicker. In this case, you’d definitely need some rich hand cream to replenish the moisture loss, and that’s where the Bionyx Hand and Body Cream comes in.

Containing the goodness of glycerin, shea butter, and colloidal platinum, this hand cream stands out from other similar products because it has humectants, emollients, and ingredients that plump the feel of the skin.

With regular use of the Bionyx Hand and Body Cream, you’ll say bye-bye to the appearance of those hand wrinkles in no time!

Don’t Forget Your SPF

Just like your facial skincare routine, your routine for your hands should also have SPF to protect them from more free radical damage.

Extensive sun exposure may lead to the development of brown spots, uneven pigmentation, and wrinkles. Besides that, your skin’s collagen levels and elastin fibers break down in the sun.

Having no structural support for your skin causes it to sag and develop wrinkles, which is why a large percentage of skin aging is due to ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

Apply sunscreen with a higher SPF value to your hands to help prevent skin damage and wrinkling. While you’re at it, don’t forget to protect your hands with full sleeves or sun-protective gloves.

To shield your hands from the sun’s rays, just follow up with sunscreen after using your Bionyx Hand and Body Cream.

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate.

Bionyx Salt Scrub and Body Butter

Exfoliation is a must for healthy-looking hands.

You could try the Bionyx Salt Scrub, as it is formulated with gentle ingredients that will exfoliate all that dead skin away, leaving your skin looking soft, radiant, and glowy.

Lessen Your Use Of Alcohol-Based Sanitizers

Sanitizing has become a massive part of our lives since the pandemic, but did you know that only sanitizers containing at least 60% alcohol can do the trick when it comes to killing bacteria and viruses?

Because of this, you may find yourself in a battle with dry skin.

Isopropyl, ethanol, and n-propanol alcohols are commonly found in most hand sanitizers. Unfortunately, this class of alcohols is a severe drying agent for your skin, causing your skin’s natural oil levels to deplete, and can aggravate skin dryness.

While it’s important to ensure that you’re devoid of any contact with viruses or bacteria, you could try opting for a gentle formula that doesn’t strip your skin of its natural oils.

On the other hand, you could always supplement your handcare routine with a rich cream like the Bionyx Hand and Body Cream.

That way, you’ll be able to counteract the feeling of dryness caused by the hand sanitizers with the hydrating hand cream!

Hydration Is Key

Humidifier in room

Want young-looking hands? Believe us when we say all you need is hydration.

Keeping that leathery, crepey appearance at bay is very easy when your skin’s moisture content is high. So, don’t forget to down those eight glasses of water every day and eat loads of high water content food.

If the air you’re in is very dry and cold, you could also invest in a humidifier. Your skin will thank you for that! What a humidifier does is that it releases water vapor into the air, counteracting the dryness that may result in wrinkled skin.

Besides that, instead of using foaming body wash, try using hydrating alternatives like body oils that are much gentler on the skin.

Consider Getting ‘Work’ Done.

Getting treatment for some of your problem areas isn’t always a bad thing! You could consider scheduling treatments like:


Dermaplaning is a procedure that removes your skin’s top layers. The procedure is designed to erase small wrinkles and severe acne scarring while smoothing the skin’s surface.

Laser Treatments

Laser resurfacing is a procedure that reduces facial wrinkles and skin imperfections, including blemishes and acne scars. Short, concentrated pulsing laser beams are directed towards uneven skin, carefully eliminating skin layer by layer.

Chemical Peels

A chemical peel involves applying a chemical solution to small patches of skin on the face, neck, or hands. The chemicals cause controlled harm to the skin’s outer layers. The injured skin turns red and peels off after the operation. Age spots, acne scars, and wrinkles can all be removed with chemical peels.


Microdermabrasion is an excellent treatment for fine lines and wrinkles on the surface of the skin. On the other hand, chemical peels are superior for treating significant skin problems, including deep wrinkles and scars. Both treatments can help with age spots, uneven skin tones, and a lackluster complexion.

All of these treatments help remove the outermost layer of your skin so that you’ll be left with newer and younger skin.

Practice Better Lifestyle Habits

Smoking can cause premature aging because tobacco smoke can take away that youthful glow in your skin. In addition, the toxins in cigarette smoke can cause the collagen in your skin to break down, making your skin lose its elasticity. So, if you smoke, you might want to consider stopping.

Another habit that we’d recommend is to start doing everything you can to improve your diet and exercise. When you exercise, your blood pools at the surface of your skin, and oxygen levels begin to be replenished in your capillaries.

Caffeine and alcohol dehydrate skin, so don’t consume them too much. To maintain healthy skin, you could also follow a well-balanced diet that includes foods rich in vitamins A and C and take vitamin A and C supplements.

Doing all of these will help reduce the appearance of wrinkles on your face and body as well!


The easiest step to preventing the appearance of hand wrinkles is by using hand cream, which is why you should definitely try our Bionyx Hand and Body Cream today!

Using a hand cream is a great way to counteract the visibility of those fine lines and wrinkles on your hands, which is why we’d recommend that you add a tube to your online shopping cart.

If you’ve got other skincare concerns too, check out the full range of Bionyx products here.

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