What’s the Deal with Platinum Skincare?

Bionyx platinum skincare eye cream

Published: May 26, 2021

It is almost unbelievable how far the beauty industry has come… From one ingredient to another, they have been trying their best to find the ultimate skincare product, which will defeat all others in the everlasting fight with time and aging

It seems that every week, another absolutely amazing, never-seen-before ingredient becomes all the rage, and many people go to great lengths only to obtain such a product. Product after product, after product, promises to provide you with the secret to eternal youth.

However, there are ingredients that seem to have stood out the most in the last couple of years – precious metals.

Platinum in particular. But why have platinum skincare products occupied the center stage recently? Join us here at Bionyx as we take a closer look at this precious metal – one that you’ll find as the star ingredient in each of our products

Precious Metals – the Ultimate Skincare Ingredients

Platinum and silver

Believe it or not, precious metals have been used throughout history as a means of preserving beauty.

Does Cleopatra ring any bells?

Of course, she does.

Well, it is well known that she went to bed each night with a mask of gold to preserve her beauty. And that is precisely what she did. At least according to history, since we’ve all heard that her beauty was unparalleled.

It all started there. Everybody wanted a piece of the eternal beauty cake.

Putting gold on your face is not only a status symbol, it can have many other healing properties which can restore your face’s former glory. This is the case with not only gold, but copper and silver as well.

At this point you are bound to ask, “Why are precious metals so precious?”

Well, let’s see.

The All-Powerful Platinum

One has to wonder, what is so special about this most precious of all metals? What can it solve, that the other metals can’t?

Well, the answer doesn’t lie in the difference but in the similarity and the strength of the influence. Platinum skincare focuses on all the aforementioned things and much, much more.

It is a bit on the pricier side, but it is well worth the money for many reasons.

Antioxidant Properties

Now imagine the power of gold, silver and copper – all combined into one. That is how strong platinum skincare products are when it comes to removing free radicals from your body. It is responsible for removing the toxins from the deeper layers of your skin, making it fresher and more radiant than ever!

It works its magic by establishing a balance in the epidermis. In that way, platinum skincare products give your skin the power to fight free radicals and the damage caused by them. It establishes a strong barrier that holds the fort and keeps it steady on the course of timeless beauty.

Make the most of platinum’s anti-aging properties in the Bionyx Platinum Transformative Serum. In addition to platinum, it’s also packed with a number of other skin-loving antioxidants!

Bionyx platinum skincare products

Anti-Aging Properties

With such strong antioxidant properties, it comes as no surprise that platinum skincare products will have an enormous effect on the aging of the skin, too.

Aging is a constant struggle against a clock forever ticking in our minds. Wouldn’t it be consoling to know there is such a powerful remedy to all your worries and fears concerning the state our skin is in?

You asked for consolation, and that is exactly what you will have. Every platinum skincare product is designed to help you in the battle against time. After applying any face cream, be it day or night, you will feel your wrinkles slowly going away, making room for a new, wrinkle-free face, everybody would kill for.

Yes, it is that powerful.

There is a simple explanation to why it is so much more powerful than the other “precious metals.”

A Science-Backed Ingredient

You most likely weren’t that familiar with the fact that platinum is used in cancer treatments. Plenty of research has shown that platinum showed powerful antitumor activity. It is actually used in chemo for making sure that drugs reach their designated place safely.

In addition, platinum compounds make changes in DNA structure which ultimately kill cancer cells. If this isn’t just amazing, we don’t know what is.

Having this in mind, can you just imagine what platinum skincare products can do to your skin? With the strength it fights tumors, it will fight all the outer irritants which cause the rapid deterioration of your skin. In addition, the platinum nanoparticles attach themselves to the active ingredients. This makes those ingredients penetrate significantly deeper than other products would.

You’ll find several anti-aging platinum products here at Bionyx. Give the Transformative Fine Line Syringe a try if you’re seeking instant results. Or, opt for the Platinum Advance Eye Cream to firm and tighten your skin over time.

Collagen Stimulation

As it has been explained, collagen is a natural product of the body. It helps the skin and the body remain flexible. So, it is also in charge of keeping your body fresh-looking and youthful, giving your skin elasticity. When the skin is flexible and when it has enough elasticity, it is capable of enduring the changes on its surface that are caused by facial expressions, sun rays, pollution and other outer irritants.

However, after the age of 25, the amount of collagen your body produces diminishes significantly every year. With its depletion, the first signs of aging start to appear in the form of fine lines and wrinkles. Platinum skincare products can slow down this process completely, because platinum stimulates the production of collagen. This will keep your skin elastic for longer.

To give your skin an extra collagen boost, try the Bionyx Alloy Platinum Infinite Moisture. This moisturizer not only contains platinum, but it’s also packed with other collagen-boosting ingredients.

Bionyx platinum skincare product

Healing Properties

Japanese scientists have discovered long ago just how beneficial platinum is for treating burns, frostbite, hives, lung inflammation, gastric ulcers and rheumatoid arthritis. It is no wonder why, with proper platinum skincare products, the changes to your skin, such as scars and pigmentation, could soon be completely gone.

Platinum helps the transfer of electrons between metal ions that are a natural part of the skin. In this way, it stimulates cell turnover and heals the imperfections on the skin naturally. This makes it the perfect ingredient in a restorative night cream. This is exactly why we created the Rhodium Night Recovery Cream

Retaining Moisture

By applying a platinum skincare product to your face, you are in for an additional treat. This is especially true if you are someone that is struggling with dry skin.

Platinum serves as a unique barrier between the deeper layers of the skin and the outside world. Thus, it prevents the release of moisture from the skin’s surface. In that way, the moisture is kept right where we want it. It stays on and in the skin, adding to radiance and glow. So, all those skin irritations that are a consequence of your skin not being able to retain water will disappear fast with a proper use of a platinum skincare product.

While moisturizers are usually a go-to for dry skin, try a platinum skincare serum too. The Bionyx Platinum Vita Night Recovery is a good place to start. This silky serum will leave your skin feeling ultra soft and supple.

It Improves Circulation

Using platinum skincare products is also beneficial for stimulating blood circulation. This is another process that slows down as you grow older. The platinum creates a process that heats the place of application, thus spreading the small blood vessels, and improving circulation.

Once good circulation under the skin is established, the healing process can begin. Soon you will notice your skin starting to look shinier, fresher, and, most importantly, healthier. No more dark circles under your eyes, no more acne and other irritations.

One way to maximize the circulation-enhancing benefits of platinum is to look for a platinum skincare exfoliant, such as the Platinum Complex Facial Peeling.

Other Precious Metals in Skincare

Let’s take a look at some of the other precious metals you’ll find in skincare…


Bionyx platinum skincare product

Copper was used in abundance in the Copper Age and for a good reason, too. It was, among other things, used for healing. It was said to conduct heat, which would, when placed upon skin, stimulate circulation and “healing energy.”

Copper is generally responsible for establishing cell balance and we take it in via food and water. It can be found in red wine, chocolate, nuts, fish, and many other sources. If you don’t take in enough copper in your body, it can lead to serious copper deficiency, which can create problems in connective tissues, cause muscle weakness, anemia, low blood cell count and many other conditions.

You wouldn’t want that, would you?

That is why it is extremely important to pay attention to your copper intake. If you suspect you are not taking the right amount, you can always buy some supplements to help you.

Copper Skincare

This old gem can be found in many beauty products of today: night creams, serums, hair restoration products. It’s even the star ingredient in the Bionyx Ageless Alloy Collection.

Why is that?

Well, as we already know the key things to keeping our skin tight and youthful looking are collagen and elastin. As time passes, we need some additional help to boost things up and keep them going. Copper can be of significant help in this area. It is responsible for activating many enzymes which increase the production of elastin and collagen. As a consequence, it slows down the aging process, so you would see fewer fine lines and wrinkles on your face.

In addition, it has powerful antioxidant properties. This can help your skin become stronger and more resilient to outer influence. Its anti-inflammatory influence can help soothe all the skin irritations one might have going on.

Boosting the production of collagen and elastin can have a serious impact on the skin’s ability to self-heal. Namely, copper can help some wounds heal faster. Furthermore, copper peptides can protect the damaged surface from the outer irritants by creating a barrier.


Silver has been long used by royals as the most effective and, in those times, the most expensive ingredient for treating different infections and skin problems. As time passed, modern scientists have found a way to make silver become a part of many products and transmit its healing properties.

If you are eager to solve the acne and pimple problem you might be having, then silver is the right thing for you. Not only will it help soothe the inflamed skin, but it will also reduce swellings and redness affected by acne breakouts.

If you had any doubt as to whether it could help with the aging process we have working against us, we assure you, it can. Its antioxidant features are very powerful. They are responsible for removing the free radicals and toxins from the surface layer of the skin. Fine lines and wrinkles will soon be the thing of the past.


As it can be seen, each of these metals can, in its own way, help you with different skin conditions. And when it comes to the healing power of gold, we are at a loss for words.

By activating the basal cells of the skin, it boosts the skin’s elasticity, making it more resilient. More elasticity equals less wrinkles and all those other signs of aging we don’t welcome with a smile on our faces.

The amazing anti-aging effect actually comes from ions that are present in the gold, which help stimulate cell turnover and blood circulation – the two most important processes for healthy, youthful looking skin. By taking care of those processes and speeding things up, your skin is more likely to defend itself from the effects of the weather, bacteria, and other damaging influences of the outer world.

It also helps the skin hold in moisture, which you know will do wonders for the dullness and dryness of your face. In this way, all the skin irritations, which are the consequence of the loss of water, will be soothed properly.

Treat your skin to the power of gold with the Bionyx Alloy Magnetic Synergy Mask.

Why Are Platinum Skincare Products in Particular So Effective?

As we have mentioned, platinum is used in treating cancer cells. It does that in the following manner: it serves as a barrier, a protector, if you will, of all the ingredients that are supposed to reach the cancer cells and attack them.

It is not much different with skin. Platinum skincare products use platinum in them not just because of all the wondrous healing properties. Some of the products actually use platinum to help other ingredients penetrate the skin deeper without being lost on the way. In that way, they can help the skin quicker and more thoroughly.

In the end, it can be said that a change in a phrase is in order. Instead of the famous “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” line, we should rightfully replace the “diamonds” in this sentence with “platinum.”

Because, after you experience all the amazing properties platinum skincare products have to offer, they will really become your new best friend.

Our advice is to put all your worries aside, splurge a bit and treat yourself, your skin will be forever thankful. 

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