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10 Cleansing Tips From The Pros

Woman cleansing skin - 10 Cleansing Tips

Published: July 30, 2021

Woman cleansing skin - 10 Cleansing Tips

Whether you’re looking to start a new cleansing regimen or the one you have feels a little tired these days, you’re in the right place. Taking proper care of our skin is so important and one of the best ways to do that is with a simple routine we can perfect and then build upon with our favorite skincare products.

With that in mind, get your Bionyx Milk Cleanser at the ready! It’s time to dive straight in and reveal every pro tip you need to know when it comes to your daily skin cleansing!

Always Remove Your Make-Up

Woman removing makeup

Before we can even think about getting into our favorite Bionyx Milk Cleanser, we’ll need to make sure our skin is completely makeup-free!

Skipping this step is an absolute no-no, and we’re certain it’s one you’ve neglected before. How do we know? Because we’ve done it too, sigh.

But, we say no more! If you’re going straight in with your cleanser and expecting it to clean away all of your makeup, and cleanse your face, we hate to tell you, it’s never going to happen. 

Whilst it might rid your skin of makeup, it’ll leave behind a residue. What’s more, where your makeup acts as a barrier, your precious Bionyx Milk Cleanser will barely have the opportunity to reach your skin meaning it can’t do what it’s made to do.

Instead, we suggest removing all makeup beforehand either with makeup remover or micellar water, whichever is your preference and works best for you and your skin. Then, when it’s free of product, you can wet your face and go in with your cleanser. This way it has direct contact with that gorgeous skin of yours and will leave it feeling soft and dewy after rinsing.

Keep Your Hair Away From Your Face

Even if your hair is squeaky clean and product-free, you’ll definitely want to make sure it’s out of your face before you begin your cleansing routine.


How about…

  • It’ll get in your eyes as you cleanse which is just plain annoying!
  • You’ll likely get your hair wet which is a whole other time-consuming issue you’ll need to fix afterward
  • If your hair does contain product, you risk it getting into your pores during your routine
  • Constantly touching your hair and then touching your face whilst cleaning it is a sure-fire way to ruin the cleansing process

For all these reasons and more, we highly recommend investing in a cosmetic headband for an effective and stress-free cleansing session!

Use a High-Quality Cleanser

Bionyx Milk Cleanser

The cleanser you choose to clean your skin with is very important. Use the wrong one and your skin is likely to react poorly undoing all of your hard work up to this point.

Luckily, we have an incredible recommendation! It is, of course, the Bionyx Milk CleanserThe luxurious formula is specially designed to enrich the feel of sensitive skin. It contains vitamin C, Vitamin E, and jojoba and musk oils for a thorough yet gentle cleanse.

Once you’ve wet your face with cool water, apply a small amount of the cleanser to your fingertips or chosen cleansing tool. Massage it gently into your skin in circular upward motions. This will make sure your skin gets a thorough clean. 

Work Out Which Cleansing Style Works Best for You

How do you find out your cleansing style?

Honestly, with a little trial and error.

Whilst some are all about gadgets (brushes, silicone pads, face sponges), others much prefer the natural approach of massaging the product into the skin with their fingertips. Both work perfectly well so do what feels right for you and gets the best results.

Additionally, if you’re in two minds about adding cleansing tools into your routine because they haven’t worked for you in the past, they’re certainly not a necessity. Don’t feel pressured into purchasing them if you think it’s the only way to make your skin feel great, it isn’t!

So, whatever you end up deciding to use when cleansing your face, whether it be your favorite tool or your hands, make sure they’re immaculately clean before putting them anywhere near your face. 

Because whether it’s leftover cleanser from the night before, product transfer from your bathroom countertop, or dirt left on your fingertips at the end of your day, mixing these things up with your cleanser and rubbing it into your skin is never a good thing. It can quickly lead to irritation, and sometimes even breakouts caused by bacteria!

  • Wash your tools under hot water
  • Allow them to cool beforehand
  • Or, use antibacterial soap to wash your hands for a full twenty seconds for best results
  • Dry your hands on a clean dry towel, then get a clean one ready for your face!

Avoid Aggressive Exfoliation

Woman cleansing skin

After a long commute from work, a particularly humid day, or arriving home from the gym, the temptation to vigorously scrub away the dirt, sweat, and impurities from your skin is all too real! That said, it’s something we highly, highly recommend you avoid when using your favorite Bionyx Milk Cleanser, or any cleanser for that matter!

‘But our skin feels so clean after!’

We get you.

But trust us, your skin will not thank you for it. When we scrub at our skin, whether it be with a cleansing brush, a facial scrub containing exfoliating beads, or even just our fingertips, we risk damaging the out layer of the epidermis

As you can imagine, this is even riskier in the summer months when we’re exposed to more UV light than usual. However, it’s also a bad idea in fall and winter when the air is cool and our skin tends to dry out more.

Our takeaway?

Don’t do it!

Be kind to your skin and treat it with some TLC, trust us, it will repay the favor and stay soft to the touch with gentle exfoliation. If you do need to exfoliate, look for a dedicated and gentle formula, such as the Rhodium Complex Facial Peel from Bionyx. 

Take Your Time

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times! Cleansing is about so much more than wetting your face, scrubbing it with a product for ten seconds, then rinsing it off again.

Don’t get us wrong. It doesn’t need to take over your entire morning/evening or become a grueling task you dread getting to every day. In fact, it should be quite the opposite.

What does that mean?

Well, it’s all about taking some time for yourself.

Whilst our busy lives often mean hour-long bathing sessions and massage appointments are the stuff of fiction, stealing 10-15 minutes is much more doable. Plus, it’s really all the time you need to properly carry out and, almost more importantly, enjoy your daily cleansing sessions.

Go into the bathroom, close the door behind you, why not even light a scented candle? If you allow yourself to treat your cleansing routine like a mini pamper session, it’ll become something you stay on top of. It’ll be something you want to do consistently.

Additionally, if you really can’t spare that amount of time every single day, five minutes or the length of your favorite song will do the trick on hectic occasions. Just make sure you’re not skipping steps altogether!

Use Cool to Lukewarm Water Only

Woman cleansing skin - 10 Cleansing Tips

Back away from the hot tap!

We’ve all been guilty of splashing hot water on our faces after cleansing, and why? Because it feels relaxing and a splash of cold water is the exact opposite!

Unfortunately, after you’ve just moisturized and cleaned your skin with the beautiful Bionyx Milk Cleanser formula, that warm water really won’t be doing your skin any favors! Why?

  • It makes your skin hot which causes redness
  • It also strips your skin of natural oils
  • Additionally, it can leave it feeling dry and sensitive after drying off

Instead, go ahead and turn the temperature down the next time you begin and end your cleanse. And no, we don’t mean you need to throw icy cold liquid over your face at the end of every session. Lukewarm to mildly cool is best as it will feel pleasant after massaging your skin. It also won’t shock you, or your face, with an icy blast of cold!

Only Reach for Clean, Dry Towels!

You’ve massaged in your Bionyx Milk Cleanser and just rinsed your face, your eyes are clamped shut, and you’re feeling around for a towel whilst water drips all over the floor.

Sound familiar?

Of course it does!

We’ve all been there a thousand times. For some reason when cleansing our faces is on the agenda our minds refuse to remember that last vital step of drying off our faces and we forget to set aside a towel literally every. single. time.

Well, let us be your reminder for today at least! The next time you go to cleanse your face, make sure there’s a clean dry towel near the sink, ready to use.

What’s more, when you reach for your towel, we cannot stress how important it is that you pat your skin dry rather than wipe it. After cleansing, your skin will feel lovely and soft but also a little more vulnerable. Dragging a towel along it may get the job done. However, it’ll also aggravate your skin and dry it out the more you do it.

Instead, think of it like you’re coaxing your skin into drying off with each gentle touch of the towel. Then, leave the last bit of dampness alone, this will create a better base when you move onto your toner!

Don’t Skip the Toner

Bionyx Facial Toner - 10 Cleansing Tips

Now for the (almost) final step!

Wondering if toner is really all that necessary even after you’ve treated your skin to a gorgeous massage with your Bionyx Milk Cleanser?

Yes, it is! A toner will leave your skin feeling balanced and refreshed.

So, we think you can see why it’s a pro tip never to forget about this step!

But how best to apply it? Firstly, we recommend getting your hands on some re-usable cosmetic pads. They’re much kinder to the environment than one use cotton pads, you can wash them and re-use them hundreds of times, plus, if you choose the right ones, they feel incredible as they glide across your skin.

Once you have these, go ahead and soak one side with your Bionyx Facial Toner. Then, proceed to gently smooth it all over your face and neck in an upward motion. And that’s it! Now your skin will feel fresh and clean like never before!

Moisturize Your Skin

Okay, this really is the final step now, we promise! From day creams to night creams, choosing the right formula and keeping your skin moisturized after cleansing and toning will make the world of difference to your complexion.

Hydrating it in this way will help to:

Looking for a great new moisturizer?

We can help!

Once you’ve rinsed away that gorgeous Bionyx Milk Cleanser formula after waking up, indulge your complexion with a few drops of our Rhodium Essential Day Cream. It’s rich yet lightweight and will leave your skin feeling silky and smooth!

After a long hard day and a gentle cleanse before bed, reach for the Platinum Night Recovery Cream. Its powerful botanicals are perfect for restoring a youthful-looking appearance overnight. Meanwhile, its high vitamin and mineral content will work to smooth away the visibility of fine lines for a soft, supple appearance come morning!

There you have it – everything that you need to know to effectively cleanse your face. If you’re looking for new products to add to your cleansing routine, you’re in the right place. Browse the Bionyx online shop to treat yourself to some new skincare essentials!

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