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Tired Eyes? Try the Bionyx Platinum Collection

Bionyx Platinum Collection

Published: October 30, 2021

Bionyx Platinum Collection

If you find yourself constantly squinting, rubbing at your eyes, or feeling a general discomfort after staring at a screen for too long, chances are that you’re experiencing eye strain. Constantly working your eyes to the point of fatigue will not only damage your vision in the long term — your skin may suffer as well. 

Here, Bionyx unpacks the danger that comes hand-in-hand with tired eyes, how this can lead to the appearance of aging in the eye area, and, most importantly, how the Bionyx Platinum Collection can help.

Causes of Eye Fatigue

Woman at desk rubbing eyes

As a sensory organ that we depend on to see the world around us, our eyes easily rank among the most used parts of the body. However inevitable, this heavy dependence on our eyes can often lead to eye strain or fatigue.

Eye fatigue can manifest in varying degrees of discomfort. Sometimes, it may just feel like keeping your eyes open is a little more difficult than usual. Other times, it takes the form of itching, burning, or dryness. To truly understand eye strain and how it can affect the skin around our eyes, Bionyx has gathered together some of the most common causes:

  • Reading for extended periods, especially when text is small or displayed on a screen
  • Using computers, smartphones, and other devices
  • Driving for extended periods
  • Constant exposure to glare or bright lights

How Does Eye Strain Affect the Skin? 

Now that you know the causes and symptoms of eye fatigue, the question remains: how does it affect the physical condition of the skin?

Just like the symptoms of eye strain, not all signs of aging manifest equally. Wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness, and sagging appear at different points in our lives, showing through in certain areas faster than others. One such area is around the eyes, where the skin is thinner and more sensitive.

One of the common ways of dealing with eye strain is rubbing the eyes to ease itchiness or squinting when discomfort kicks in. Both of these actions can damage the delicate skin surrounding the eyes, allowing wrinkles to form more quickly.

The eye area also has fewer sebaceous glands, which are in charge of producing natural oils. A 2015 study published in the journal Clinical Anatomy reported that these areas are more prone to developing wrinkles, fine lines, darkness, and other signs of aging.

The Bionyx Platinum Collection

Bionyx Syringe

While we haven’t found a way to put a stop to aging just yet, we’ve found the next best thing: a way to slow down its visible signs. Say hello to the Bionyx Platinum Collection.

The Bionyx Platinum Collection is specially formulated to slow down the visible impact of aging by minimizing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The collection has three products that were developed to work with the sensitive eye area:

  • The Platinum Advance Line Filler
  • Our Platinum Intense Eye Serum
  • The Platinum Advance Eye Cream

These creams feature two of Bionyx’s star ingredients in their formulations:


The first is DMAE, also known as Dimethylaminoethanol. While DMAE is produced by the human body, it can also be found in fatty fish. DMAE is sometimes taken orally to improve cognitive function, but when applied topically, can provide the skin with several beneficial properties:

Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7

Another key ingredient in the Bionyx Platinum Collection is Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7. Peptides, which are short amino acid chains, form to build proteins in the skin. In doing so, this ingredient improves the skin by:

DMAE and Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 are just two of the many skin-loving ingredients found in the Bionyx Platinum Collection. To boost the performance of these substances and ensure optimal results, we at Bionyx combine them with other tried and tested ingredients that can keep the eye area feeling youthful and protected.

But What About Platinum?

If you haven’t heard about gold, silver, and even diamonds being used in skincare, the idea of these minerals being applied onto the skin may seem strange. However, research and science back up the beneficial properties of these minerals when infused into skincare formulations. 

Here at Bionyx, we highlight Platinum as a worthwhile addition to your regimenNot only does it diminish the visible signs of skin aging, but it also leaves the skin feeling soothed and hydrated.

Colloidal Platinum is the central fixture of the Bionyx Platinum Collection. Discover the three eye care products from the line below:

Platinum Intense Eye Serum

Eye Serum

Serums are often considered to be an all-over product, created with the intention of working evenly across the entire face. However, some serums are more intense than others, formulated to deliver visible results to otherwise vulnerable or problematic areas of the face.

Take the Platinum Intense Eye Serum from the Bionyx Platinum Collection, for instance. Unlike other Bionyx serums, this one is applied specifically around the eye area to reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles.

How to Use

To incorporate the Platinum Intense Eye Serum into your routine, simply apply a pea-sized amount of product to your under-eyes after cleansing. Use your ring finger to keep application careful and light-handed.

Platinum Advance Eye Cream

Bionyx Platinum Collection Eye Cream

We mentioned earlier that the eye area has fewer sebaceous glands than the rest of the face. This, coupled with the delicate nature of the skin around the eyes, makes the area susceptible to dryness. This leads to the appearance of premature wrinkling, creasing, and crow’s feet. 

The Platinum Advance Eye Cream is a follow-up to the Platinum Intense Eye Serum. Complementing the hydration provided by the serum, this eye cream delivers a potent moisture surge where it’s needed most. But how exactly does it do this? Like most skincare breakthroughs, the answers lie in the ingredient list.

Key Ingredients

The Platinum Advance Eye Cream is one of the best-sellers in the Bionyx Platinum Collection — and with good reason. In addition to the collection’s signature Colloidal Platinum and multitasking Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, this product also contains green tea extract, licorice root extract, and aloe extract.

Since the Platinum Advance Eye Cream functions as a moisturizer, its formula also contains a good amount of plant oils. In the product’s ingredient list, you’ll find Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Soybean Oil — all of which have moisturizing properties.

How to Use

To use the Platinum Advance Eye Cream, take a small, bead-sized amount of product from the jar. To keep the contents of the jar germ-free, use a spatula or cotton swab to pick up the product. Tap the product onto your under-eye area, starting at the inner corner.

Platinum Line Filler

Bionyx syringe

Unlike the rest of the eye products in the Bionyx Platinum Collection, the Platinum Line Filler is formulated for weekly use. Because of the product’s potent formula, it is best to use it once a week at most. It’s also important to remember that you should not wear makeup over or under this product, so it would be a good idea to reserve it for a weekly self-care session.

Despite being packaged like a syringe, the Platinum Line Filler is a non-invasive solution. The product’s syringe-like exterior simply makes targeting specific areas and controlling the amount of product released simpler.

Key Ingredients

What lies inside the product is just as impressive. First, it contains Vitamin A, particularly in the form of Retinyl Palmitate. 

Retinol should be no stranger to skincare enthusiasts. Retinyl Palmitate can be considered Retinol’s gentler, less abrasive sibling. It still does all the things its counterpart does — brighten the look of the skin tone and minimize the appearance of wrinkles — but it does so without shocking the skin with a strong impact. Instead, it does its job quietly. While Retinyl Palmitate may be less potent than Retinol or Tretinoin, it’s a good choice for Vitamin A newbies or those with sensitive skin.

The Platinum Line Filler also contains Vitamin E, or more specifically, Tocopheryl Acetate. Vitamin E works well with ingredients like Vitamin A or C because of its ability to soothe the feeling of sensitized skin. Tocopheryl Acetate is a form of Vitamin E that is more stable with a longer shelf life.

How to Use

To use the Platinum Line Filler, remove the cap from the end of the syringe. Direct the end of the applicator to the specific wrinkle, line, or area you want to target. Firmly press the plunger to release a drop of product. Tap the product in until it has completely been absorbed by your skin.

No Nasties Necessary

We’ve talked at length about what the Bionyx Platinum Collection has, from properties and benefits to vitamins and minerals. But now, let’s talk about what it does not have. 

Not all alcohols are bad for the skin. In fact, fatty alcohols are considered “good alcohols” and can be found in some of our products at Bionyx. However, it’s simple alcohols like Ethanol or Denatured Alcohol that you need to watch out for. These can dry out and irritate the skin, and are especially harmful for those with sensitive skin.

Essential oils, which are extremely pungent, can also be dangerous, as documented in reports from WebMD and The New York Times. Just like fragrance (which should be avoided as much as possible), essential oils can cause wreak more havoc than good results. 

That said, you can rest assured that all the eye care products from the Bionyx Platinum Collection are formulated without alcohol, essential oils, and fragrance.


They say that prevention is better than a cure, and this statement rings especially true when dealing with eye fatigue. When dealing with an area as delicate as the under-eyes, it’s always a good idea to start nurturing it as early as possible.

Ready to stop the appearance of those wrinkles and crow’s feet in their tracks? Start your eye care journey with the Bionyx Platinum Collection.

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