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The Ultimate Weekly Treat: The BioLift Platinum Elasticity Mask

BioLift Platinum Elasticity Mask

Published: November 30, 2021

Bionyx mask

Most women dread waking up one morning and seeing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on their once smooth and flawless skin. Not only is it a sign that you’re getting older already, but it also makes your skin look unkempt and blemished, even if maybe an ordinary part of aging.

As you get older and your collagen production slows down, your skin could start sagging and drooping. But it’s not all about skin firmness. A lot of it also has to do with losing elasticity, also known as the healthy bounce in your skin that’s perfect in youth.

There will come an age when you start to question what you can do to boost the appearance of skin elasticity. For that, we at Bionyx have the perfect solution — our much-loved, pampering BioLift Platinum Elasticity Mask. Read on to see what it can do to give your skin a bouncy, youthful look once again.

What Happens When Our Skin Loses Elasticity?

Woman looking at skin in mirror

Everybody’s skin will age and lose its elasticity at some point. It’s just a matter of how fast yours will. That depends on your diet, lifestyle, and genetics. 

But what is elasticity? Basically, it’s your skin’s ability to stretch and go back to the same shape. In your youth, elasticity will be at an all-time high. But when you get older and your skin goes through more wear and tear, it might not be as bouncy anymore.

Collagen is the protein responsible for keeping your skin barrier full, resilient, and plump, so it has a huge connection to elasticity. But collagen production slows down as you age because your skin’s building blocks become weaker, making elastic skin harder to come by.

Think of it like this: pinching a little kid’s cheeks and letting go just makes the skin spring back to its original shape. If you do that to an older woman, it could aggravate her sagginess. Healthy, elastic skin is bouncy while aging skin can get saggy and crepey.

The more you age, the quicker you’ll start to lose elastin, also known as the tissues that make your skin plump and volumized. When that happens, your skin might start hanging loosely, making it look saggier than before. One sign of this is that the skin becomes more transparent due to thinning.

And while you can’t exactly undo the sagging of aging skin, there are products you can use to minimize how crepey and thin they look. 

Introducing Your New Favorite Face Mask for Plump-Looking Skin

BioLift Platinum Elasticity Mask

The Bionyx BioLift Platinum Elasticity Mask was formulated with vitamins, precious metals, and botanicals to bring the appearance of dull and saggy skin back to life. This formula boosts the look of bounciness and elasticity in the skin. It’ll turn back the hands of the clock on your skin’s appearance.

It contains many powerful ingredients, like DMAE and vitamin A, (more on those later!) to help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also has hydrating and skin-strengthening ingredients to leave your complexion looking and feeling smooth to the touch.

And, like many other Bionyx products, the BioLift Platinum Elasticity Mask harnesses the power of colloidal platinum for added luxury. It’ll upgrade and elevate your skincare routine for a touch of luxury. But, of course, it has functional benefits too — we’ll get to that in a sec.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the ingredients in the BioLift Platinum Elasticity Mask that allow it to give the skin a bouncier feel.

DMAE to Plump Up and Volumize the Look of the Skin

One of the key ingredients in the BioLift Platinum Elasticity Mask is dimethylaminoethanol, also known as DMAE. This is a supplement some people take to improve brain health. However, it can also be infused in skincare products for a few main benefits.

DMAE is known to plump and firm up the appearance of the skin

A product need not be infused with a lot of DMAE to reap its full benefits. In fact, it’s been found that as little as 3% DMAE helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and bags around the eye and forehead area when used consistently for several months. That makes it an incredibly promising ingredient for mature skin.

Vitamin A Zaps Away the Visibility of Wrinkles and Lines

Next up, we have vitamin A, also known by skincare junkies as retinol. This vitamin is a must for making the complexion look brighter and smoother.

You can also count on vitamin A to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in your skin. It’s known to thicken and firm up the feel of the skin, leading to a smooth and taut complexion in the long run.

Sunflower Seed Oil and Carnauba Wax to Hydrate the Feel of the Skin

Sunflower seeds and oil

The Bionyx BioLift Platinum Elasticity Mask is also very hydrating, thanks to sunflower seed oil. This emollient oil helps lock in hydration from your other skincare products, keeping your skin feeling nice and firm for longer. Its moisturizing properties also soothe the feel of inflamed skin.

If you have oily or combination skin, you might feel tempted to shy away from the BioLift Platinum Elasticity Mask in fear of getting your pores clogged by oils. Fortunately, the sunflower seed oil is non-comedogenic. 

The BioLift Platinum Elasticity Mask offers up even more hydration with carnauba wax.

This wax is used in many cosmetic products to thicken them up and make them soft and creamy. It contains lots of fatty alcohols and acids that make it intensely moisturizing, leaving your skin feeling bouncy and supple.

Colloidal Platinum Soothes and Smoothes the Skin

Bionyx loves to infuse products with colloidal platinum to add some opulence to your routine, and the BioLift Platinum Elasticity Mask is no exception.

Platinum acts as a sidekick to the rest of the skin-loving ingredients in your products. It supports how they function yet also has its own unique ways of reducing the look of wrinkles, giving the skin a smoother finish.

Kaolin Clay Helps Detoxify and Rejuvenate the Feel of the Skin

Kaolin clay is a Chinese clay that has been used in skincare for centuries. Compared to other clays used in cosmetics, it’s gentle and doesn’t dry out the skin. It cleanses the skin of any pollution and grime without sucking out the nutrients your skin needs to feel bouncy and soft.

The BioLift Platinum Elasticity Mask is used to rejuvenate the look of the skin and remove all the toxins trapped within it.

How to Use the BioLift Platinum Elasticity Mask

Biolift Platinum Elasticity Mask Icons

The Bionyx BioLift Platinum Elasticity Mask isn’t a leave-on mask that you sleep with at night, so you don’t have to worry about it clogging your pores and breaking you out. However, that also means it requires a little bit of extra effort since you have to wash it off after use. Here’s how you do it.

First, you take a small amount of the mask from the jar. For this, you can use your fingertips (as long as they’re clean!), a cotton swab, or the spatula that comes with the mask. This is much more hygienic than using your actual hands to pick up the product from the tub.

Then, spread a thin layer of the mask all over your face. Make sure it’s applied evenly on all areas. You can also spread the mask downward to pamper your neck. Do this in upward and outward strokes for a nice massage.

Now, allow the mask to settle for about 15 minutes. While you wait, you can do small tasks around the house. Or simply kick back, relax, and watch some Netflix!

The last step is to rinse the mask off with lukewarm water. Make sure you don’t leave any residue of the mask on your face. When you’re done, pat your skin dry with a towel and feel your smooth, rejuvenated, super-bouncy skin!

How Often Should You Use the BioLift Platinum Elasticity Mask?

The BioLift Platinum Elasticity Mask is recommended to be used just once a week. Any more than that and you can accidentally end up clogging your skin because the formula is so rich. Avoid doing this, especially if you have oily and acne-prone skin.

However, if you have dry skin, you can assess how thirsty your skin is and adjust how many times you should use this mask each week. If you have super dehydrated skin in the wintertime, you can bump it up to two uses a week at most.

One reason why you shouldn’t be too eager to use the BioLift Platinum Elasticity Mask multiple times a week is that it contains actives that can be too strong for the skin when used frequently. This includes vitamin A, which can result in peeling and inflammation for some sensitive skin types when overused.

Woman looking at skin in mirror


So, that’s all there is to know about the Bionyx BioLift Platinum Elasticity Mask. 

Not only is this weekly mask a treat after a long week that exhausts your skin, but it’s filled with so many high-quality ingredients that will work wonders for your skin. You get cult favorites, like vitamin A and kaolin clay, along with more unique inclusions, like colloidal platinum and carnauba wax.

While the Bionyx BioLift Platinum Elasticity Mask has tons of ingredients and benefits to love, at the end of the day, it’s really meant to help make your skin feel more elastic again. So, if you want that bounce and softness back to make your skin look and feel fresh and young again, this will be the perfect mask for you. Click here to order yours today!

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