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How to Choose a Facial Peeling Product

Facial Peeling gel from Bionyx

Published: April 30, 2022

It’s no secret that exfoliation is a must for healthy-looking skin. Not only does it clear away all of the dead skin buildup that settles on the surface of the skin, contributing to a dull and rough appearance, but it also helps to rid your skin of the grime that would have otherwise blocked your other skincare products from properly penetrating your face.

However, when it comes to choosing an exfoliating product, the many options available can seem daunting. Should you go with a face scrub? An acid-infused serum? Or how about a facial peeling gel?

All of those options have their merits, but here at Bionyx, facial peeling gels are our favorite. What makes them so great? And how do you go about choosing a facial peeling product that actually works well, without causing any irritation? Read on – we’re about to explain!

The Benefits of a Facial Peeling Gel

Woman applying peeling gel

Peeling gels are loved by people of every skin type. That’s exactly why they’re so appealing – whether you have oily skin or sensitive skin, facial peeling products will enable you to effectively exfoliate, without having to worry about causing any damage to your skin.

Unlike face scrubs, which can feel quite harsh on the skin, and exfoliating acids, which can leave the skin feeling unpleasantly tingly, facial peeling gels feel silky and smooth when applied to the skin. They leave behind a refreshing sensation. They also don’t require you to rub your skin too hard – a gentle massage is all you need for a facial peeling product to work its magic.

There’s one more thing that we absolutely love about facial peeling gels…

They provide so much instant gratification!

As you massage the gel into your skin, you’ll notice that the product starts pilling. Don’t be concerned – this is exactly how a facial peeling gel works. The ingredients in the gel start to clump up when they come into contact with your dead skin cells. Once it’s time to wash your face, you’ll therefore be washing all of those dead cells away.

The result?

Skin that looks brighter, smoother, and more rejuvenated than ever.

How to Choose the Perfect Facial Peeling Gel

Hopefully, you’re now fully convinced that a facial peeling product is the way forward. So, let’s talk about exactly what you need to know when shopping for a new facial peeling gel.

Look for Hydrating Ingredients

Bionyx Facial Peeling for skin pollution

As essential as exfoliation is, there’s no denying that it can sometimes leave the skin feeling dry. This is why it’s vital for your facial peeling gel to contain hydrating ingredients. These will allow the product to counter that common feeling of dryness to give your skin a plump and hydrated finish.

That’s exactly why you’ll spot glycerin at the top of the ingredient list of the Bionyx Rhodium Complex Facial Peeling.

Chances are that you’ve heard of glycerin before. It’s a popular ingredient choice for every type of skincare product.


Because it’s a humectant, which means that it has moisture-binding properties. This allows it to give the skin a deeply hydrated appearance.

Sure, there are plenty of other humectants out there, such as cult-favorite hyaluronic acid. However, glycerin has been proven to be even more effective. This made it a no-brainer when we were formulating our Bionyx facial peeling gel.

Pick a Gel With Mild Abrasive Properties

Earlier, we mentioned how face scrubs can often be too harsh on the skin. This is usually because of the abrasive ingredients that have been used. While abrasive compounds are necessary in order for a physical exfoliant to slough off those dead skin cells, ingredients that have overly sharp or hard edges can end up causing micro-tears in the skin, therefore doing more harm than good.

That said, some physical exfoliants are far gentler on the skin. When added into a facial peeling product, they enable you to exfoliate on multiple levels. You’ll be benefiting from both your facial peeling gel, as well as a mild physical exfoliant.

For this reason, we decided to formulate our own facial peeling gel with walnut shell powder.

We know, we know – nut shells have gotten a bad rep in the exfoliation world. This is because most nut-shell exfoliants contain the shells in larger pieces. As you know, nut shells are hard and rough – rub a large piece of shell over your face and it’ll only end up scratching your skin.

That’s why we went with walnut shell in powder form. The whole shells have been ground down into a fine, dust-like powder. When applied to the skin, it feels soft, yet, as a powder, will still help to dislodge stubborn dead cells.

Find a Formula That Offers Additional Skincare Benefits

Woman looking at skin in mirror

While the primary purpose of a facial peeling product is to exfoliate the skin, this doesn’t mean that it can’t offer up other skincare benefits too.

Each formula out there will be slightly different in its composition. Some will contain multiple humectants to hydrate dry skin, while others will contain oil-absorbing compounds to counter the shiny finish that oily skin types have to contend with.

Most brands will add in a couple of special extras to their facial peeling formulas in order to give them multi-tasking abilities.

When it comes to the facial peeling gels from Bionyx, our extra addition is colloidal platinum. In fact, this is our signature ingredient – you’ll find it incorporated into each and every Bionyx product.


For a few reasons…

Firstly, colloidal platinum is great for soothing and calming the feel of the skin. If your skin has been feeling stressed out lately, colloidal platinum will leave it with a relaxed sensation.

Even better, colloidal platinum contains multiple compounds that allow it to effectively reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. When used consistently over time, it’ll give you a much smoother, softer, and firmer finish.

So, if you’re looking for a facial peeling gel that’ll also minimize the visible signs of skin aging, you’ll find what you need at Bionyx.

Make Sure That Your Facial Peeling Product is Paraben-Free

These days, most people know to avoid parabens whenever possible. While they may be an effective preservative, there are several studies out there that have linked parabens to breast cancer.

Needless to say, no matter how good you want your skin to look, the risk of cancer is one that’s too big to take.

While this may be the case, many skincare brands continue to use parabens in their formulations. After all, many consumers simply make their purchasing decision based on packaging or marketing – very few take the time to study the ingredient list of a product to work out whether or not it’s actually any good.

So, the next time you’re shopping for a facial peeling gel, or any other cosmetic product for that matter, scour the ingredient list to see if it contains parabens. There are several different forms of parabens out there, but the good news is that they all contain the word “paraben” in their name, making them relatively easy to spot.

Of course, you could also just pick a brand that doesn’t use parabens in any of their formulas. This way, you can trust that each and every product you’re browsing won’t do your skin any harm.

At Bionyx, we want our customers to have that important peace of mind when shopping for skincare. This is why every single Bionyx product is paraben-free.

Go With an Ethical Skincare Company

Bionyx skincare for fall products

Some cosmetic companies claim that they’re not able to produce high-quality and reliable formulas without testing their products on animals. However, in this day and age, that’s simply not true anymore.

Sure, animal testing may be cheaper than some of the alternative testing options, but it comes at a huge ethical cost. Thankfully, more and more consumers are now recognizing this. They’re increasingly choosing not to spend their hard-earned cash on companies that condone animal testing.

At Bionyx, we believe that that’s the right decision. Animal testing for cosmetics simply isn’t needed anymore – there are plenty of ways to establish a product’s efficacy and safety without having to harm an animal in the process.

When shopping for Bionyx products, you can rest assured that none of our formulas have been tested on animals.

Don’t Forget to Read Reviews

Found a facial peeing product that seems absolutely perfect?

Before hitting the “add to cart” button, make sure that you spend some time checking out reviews of both that product as well as the brand that produces it.

These can tell you so much about a product, especially when it comes to long-term results.

How Often Should You Use a Facial Peeling Product?

Woman applying peeling gel

Being an exfoliant, you need to be careful about how you introduce a facial peeling gel into your routine. This isn’t a product that you can slather onto your face every day – this will just leave you to suffer from the symptoms of over-exfoliation.

Instead, how often you use your facial peel should depend on your skin type. Those with dry or sensitive skin will only need to use a peeling product weekly, whereas those with normal, combination, or oily skin may want to try exfoliating two to three times a week.

Either way, always start off slow with weekly usage, before gradually increasing how often you use the product.

Where Does a Facial Peeling Gel Fit Into Your Skincare Routine?

So, when exactly should you be using a facial peeling gel? Can it replace your cleanser?

Unfortunately, no. If you want your peel to offer up maximum benefits, then your skin should be cleansed before you apply the gel to your face. We’d recommend doing this with the Rhodium Mousse Cleanser from Bionyx. It’ll remove dirt and impurities to leave your skin feeling perfectly prepped for your facial peeing product.

Just like when using any other type of exfoliant, it’s important that you never leave your skin bare once you’re done. Since you’ve removed the outer layer of dead cells from your skin, your skin will now be feeling a little vulnerable.

How can you give it a fortified feel once again?

By applying a hydrating serum and then following up with a moisturizer. We would recommend the Platinum Transformative Serum, as well as the Rhodium Night Recovery Cream.

Bionyx Platinum Transformative Serum


Hopefully, you now know exactly what you need to look for when choosing a new facial peeling product. Not only should your chosen formula contain a few extra ingredients for additional skin benefits, but it’s also key that you pick a brand that doesn’t use harmful preservatives or animal testing methods.

All of these reasons are exactly why people turn to Bionyx when it comes to purchasing a new facial peeling gel. Not only do our products meet all of those criteria, but they’ll also add a whole new element of luxury to your skincare routine.

Shop more of Bionyx’s bestsellers here.

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