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Improve Your Complexion Immediately With These Skincare Hacks

woman applying moisturizer

Published: March 15, 2024

woman applying moisturizer

Looking for a way to immediately improve your complexion?

Whether you’re battling with the appearance of dullness, discoloration, wrinkles, or anything else, read on as Bionyx shares some game-changing skincare hacks that will have your skin looking noticeably better in no time!

Turn to Caffeine to Diminish the Look of Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes

Platinum Intense Eye Serum

People often complain about the appearance of dark circles and puffy eyes. Sometimes, they’re caused by factors that are under your control, such as a lack of sleep. However, they can also be attributed to everything from aging to genetics. 

Either way, one go-to method for diminishing the look of dark circles and puffiness is to place teabags over the eyes for 15 minutes. This is one of the oldest skincare hacks around. The caffeine in the tea bags helps to constrict the appearance of the blood vessels that lie underneath the skin, which gives the skin a smoother and lighter finish. Caffeine gets to work straight away, which is why this is such an effective trick. However, having to lie down with teabags over your eyes for 15 minutes can definitely be an inconvenience.

One alternative would be to turn to a caffeine-infused eye serum instead, such as the Bionyx Platinum Intense Eye Serum. Store it in the fridge and not only will the caffeine in this formula help with the appearance of your eye area, but the cool temperature will fight the look of inflammation, bringing you results so much sooner.

Give Double Cleansing a Try

Rhodium Mousse Cleanser

Sometimes, when skincare hacks are exceptionally good, they end up becoming mainstream. This is exactly what has happened with double cleansing. It’s a Korean skincare technique that more and more people all over the world are now adopting, loving how it immediately gives them a much clearer and fresher complexion.

Double cleansing may sound complicated, but it’s actually very simple. It involves cleansing your skin twice, ideally with two different cleansers. The first should be an oil-based cleanser and the second should be a water-based cleanser, like the Bionyx Rhodium Mousse Cleanser. This will ensure that both oil-based and water-based impurities are removed from the skin.

While you may not have time to double cleanse each time you wash your face, it’s worth doing if you’ve been in a particularly dirty or polluted environment, have been sweating a lot, or are wearing heavy makeup. Give it a try and you’ll soon see the benefits for yourself!

Ditch Your Face Towel and Follow the 10-Second Rule

After cleansing, many people reach for their face towel to dry their skin, before moving on to the next stage of their skincare routine. There’s nothing wrong with this, but doing things slightly differently could bring you so many more benefits…

Firstly, try ditching your face towel. Rather than drying your face yourself, leave it to air dry. However, only do this for a few seconds. Why? That brings us to the next part of this hack – the 10-second rule.

The 10-second rule is a Korean technique that involves applying your next skincare product within 10 seconds of cleansing your face. Without towel-drying it first, this means that your skin will still be damp when your next product is applied, which also happens to make it more permeable. This means that the results that you see from your skincare products, both immediately and in the long term, will be so much more noticeable.

Double Moisturize Dry Skin

Platinum Transformative Cream

We’ve talked about double cleansing, so now let’s move on to another one of our skincare hacks that involves applying the same type of product to your face twice; double moisturizing. It may not be as popular as double cleansing but, if you have dry skin, it’s a technique that could be truly transformational for your complexion.

How do you do it? You simply add an extra moisturizer to your skincare routine. Start with the lightest one, and wait for a minute or two until it has mostly sunk into your skin, before following up with the thicker formula. Not only will this give your skin an extra dose of moisture, plus all of the other beneficial ingredients that your cream contains, but it will also form a double barrier over the surface of your skin. This can help with the feeling of dehydration, sensitivities, and more.

Since you don’t want your skin to end up greasy, lighter moisturizers tend to be best if you’re double moisturizing. A product like the Bionyx Platinum Transformative Cream would be a great choice, as would the Rhodium Essential Day Cream.

Invest in a Fast-Acting Skincare Product

Rhodium Wrinkle Plumping Syringe

While there are plenty of products out there that are designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, it can be frustrating having to wait for them to work their magic. Most formulas need a few weeks, if not months, to take effect.

However, there are always exceptions, with the Rhodium Wrinkle Plumping Syringe being one. If you’re looking for skincare hacks that will instantly give you younger-looking skin, this product won’t let you down.

How does it work? It all comes down to its high-performance ingredient blend. From sodium hyaluronate to DMAE to acetyl hexapeptide-8, all of these ingredients get to work immediately. They all boast complexion-smoothing effects, enabling them to erase the look of wrinkles in seconds. 

Rehydrate With a Toner

Facial Toner

Does your skin often start to look dull as the day wears on? 

This is commonly due to dehydration. Sure, you may give your skin plenty of hydrating skincare products in the morning, but these often won’t last until it’s time for your evening skincare routine. This means that the skin can end up parched in between.

One of the skincare hacks that’s often recommended for this problem is to spritz the face with water throughout the day. However, this only provides relief for a few seconds. After that, the water that you’ve applied will end up evaporating into the air, leaving your skin just as thirsty.

A better alternative would be to rehydrate with a toner. Although toners may be water-based, they’ll also be packed with other hydrating ingredients capable of providing longer-lasting moisture. The Bionyx Rhodium Facial Toner, for example, is brimming with humectants. Between sodium hyaluronate, glycerin, and betaine, it will bind moisture to your skin. This will immediately leave your skin looking dewy and radiant. Give your skin a spritz of this formula whenever it’s looking lackluster midday and you’ll be rewarded with a vibrant glow! 

Multi-Masking For the Win

Alloy Magnetic Synergy Mask

You’re probably already aware of how a good face mask can immediately improve your complexion. One way to take those results to the next level is by multi-masking. This technique first became popular several years ago and continues to be loved.

What is multi-masking?

It’s when you use multiple face masks on your face at the same time. This enables you to hone in on the various visible skin concerns that each part of your face is dealing with, rather than giving every area of your face the same mask.

For example, say you have combination skin, with dry cheeks and an oily T-zone. Rather than using a mask that will make your dry areas drier or your oily areas greasier, multi-masking will enable you to give each of those areas its own mask. You could apply the Platinum Transformative Thermal Mask to your T-zone, to leave it feeling purified and deeply cleansed. At the same, you could apply the Alloy Magnetic Synergy Mask, which is brimming with moisturizing plant oils, to your cheeks.

Ice Your Pimples Instead of Picking Them

One bad habit that’s easy to fall into is picking at pimples. However, no matter how tempting this may be, this is something that’s only going to make things worse for your skin. Not only will it force the bacteria from within your pimple deeper into your skin but it will also leave you more susceptible to scarring.

Fortunately, the next of our skincare hacks will help you to turn things around. The next time you feel the urge to pick a pimple, reach for an ice cube instead. Wrap this in a clean paper towel and then hold it against your pimple for one minute. Don’t go overboard and hold it there for longer as this risks damaging the surrounding skin. Then, wait for five minutes before icing your pimple again for another minute if needed.

What will this do? It will help to reduce the appearance of swelling and redness. It will also help to relieve the feeling of discomfort and irritation that a pimple can cause. For even better results, try making some green tea ice cubes. The caffeine and antioxidants in green tea will help to repair the look of blemished skin.

Hydrate in Layers

Alloy Platinum Synergizing Serum

Want to give your skin an instant glow? 

Providing multiple layers of topical hydration is a quick way to do this. Many times, people scale back on their skincare routines, meaning that they’re only using one hydrating product. However, for best results, your skin needs several layers of hydration. 

How can you give it this?

We’ve already mentioned our hydrating toner, which should be applied after cleansing. After this, follow up with some hydrating serums. From our Platinum Transformative Serum to our Alloy Platinum Synergizing Serum, you’ll find plenty of choices from Bionyx. Finish off with a hydrating moisturizer, double moisturizing if necessary. The Bionyx Rhodium Night Recovery Cream is brimming with a variety of hydrating ingredients! The end result of all of these hydrating layers will be skin that looks plump, volumized, and beautifully revitalized.

Skincare Hacks From Bionyx

While putting together long-term goals for your skin and then building a skincare routine around those will help to give you healthier-looking skin, there’s also no denying the instant gratification that comes from trying out skincare hacks that offer immediate benefits to the complexion. Whether you start double cleansing and double moisturizing or you change up your approach to pimples and dullness, the tips that we’ve shared above will bring you a gorgeously flawless complexion so much sooner than you would have imagined!

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