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8 Ways to Reduce the Appearance of Wrinkles

mature woman

Published: March 30, 2024

mature woman

First things first – there’s nothing wrong with having wrinkles. Many people sport them with pride – they can be a sign of a life well lived! 

At the same time, it’s also understandable if you don’t want to be reminded of the aging process each time you look into the mirror. The good news is that you don’t have to be. There are plenty of ways in which you can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, giving your face a firmer and smoother finish. Read on as Bionyx talks you through eight of them!

1. Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Alloy Platinum Synergizing Serum

Wrinkles always look so much more noticeable on dehydrated skin. This is down to how dehydration gives the skin a sallow and deflated look, causing creases to appear darker while casting larger shadows.

Giving your skin some extra hydration can immediately turn this around. Certain ingredients will saturate your skin with moisture in a way that instantly plumps up your complexion, giving it a surface that looks smoother and tighter, along with a dewy glow. While hydration alone isn’t going to completely get rid of the appearance of wrinkles, a moisture boost combined with the other tips we’re about to share will go a long way in helping you achieve younger-looking skin.

So, how should you be hydrating your skin? Certain ingredients are better than others for doing this. Some of the best include:

  • Hyaluronic acid or sodium hyaluronate
  • Glycerin
  • Collagen
  • Peptides
  • Certain plant oils

You’ll find all of the above in the Bionyx Alloy Platinum Synergizing Serum. Add this serum to your daily skincare routine and you’ll be able to enjoy a soft yet firm complexion for many more years to come!

2. Add a Selection of Antioxidants to Your Skincare Routine


Hydrating ingredients aren’t the only ingredient group to add to your skincare routine once you’ve started to notice wrinkles appearing. You’ll also need to begin using plenty of antioxidants.

Why? Because wrinkles appear when the skin has undergone free radical damage. Free radicals are molecules that are formed when the skin is exposed to UV rays, pollution, certain chemicals, and more. This slowly destroys the protein fibers that give the skin its structure and volume, resulting in loose and wrinkled skin.

The only way to repair the appearance of free radical damage is with antioxidants. They’ll neutralize the visible effects that free radicals have while also keeping your skin feeling protected against further damage.

Again, just like with hydrating ingredients, some antioxidants are more effective at this than others. Vitamins A, C, and E are at the top of the list, and they’re even more powerful when combined. That’s why we’ve used all three in the Bionyx BioLift Platinum Deep Wrinkle Concentrate. It’s a serum that’s incredibly rich in antioxidants, making it a great way to tackle the visibility of wrinkles in the long term. 

3. Give the Rhodium Wrinkle Plumping Syringe a Try

Rhodium Wrinkle Plumping Syringe

Got a special event coming up soon and want your face to look wrinkle-free?

Most of the tips that we’re sharing today take time to work, but there’s one product that we have that’s capable of providing instant results…

Meet the Rhodium Wrinkle Plumping Syringe from Bionyx. It’s powered with a high-concentration blend of fast-acting ingredients. They come together to instantly smooth away the visibility of wrinkles, immediately giving the face a smoother finish.

Do those results last forever? Unfortunately not! However, some of the other ingredients in this formula will work to reduce the appearance of wrinkles over time too. Use this product regularly to start with and, after a while, you probably won’t even need it anymore!

4. Stop Over-Cleansing/Over-Exfoliating

Rhodium Mousse Cleanser

Much of the advice out there when it comes to reducing the appearance of wrinkles will preach about the importance of cleansing and exfoliating the skin. There’s no denying how crucial this is – allowing dirt to sit on your skin and linger in your pores will only accelerate free radical damage and, therefore, the skin aging process.

However, learning how vital it is to regularly cleanse and exfoliate sometimes leads to people going overboard with their efforts. They cleanse and exfoliate a little too much, which ends up causing more harm than good. It damages and strips away the skin’s protective barrier. This then leaves the skin more vulnerable to environmental harm, including, you guessed it, free radical damage and the associated wrinkles.

How do you make sure that you aren’t over-cleansing or over-exfoliating? 

Start by using gentle products that aren’t going to cause too much damage if you do happen to overuse them. The Bionyx Rhodium Mousse Cleanser, for example, is a moisturizing formula that conditions the skin while it cleanses. It can be used up to twice a day – avoid cleansing more often than this, no matter your skin type or the cleanser you’re using!

Meanwhile, the Rhodium Complex Facial Peeling is a gentle exfoliator that still does a thorough job. It will remove any sebum, dead skin cells, and other impurities from your pores, leaving your skin looking brighter and healthier. Use it once a week on dry skin or up to three times a week on oily skin.

5. Look For Skincare Containing Peptides

Platinum Transformative Collection

If you’re trying to diminish the appearance of wrinkles, then you need to know about peptides. We’ve already briefly mentioned these ingredients when talking about hydration. This is down to their humectant properties. They bind moisture to the skin to instantly quench.

However, that’s not all that peptides do…

These clever amino acid chains have also been proven to significantly reduce the visibility of wrinkles while leaving the skin looking and feeling healthier overall. They also keep the skin barrier feeling strong and resilient, which prevents the appearance of free radical damage. 

Peptides are also great for reducing the feeling of inflammation in the skin. Again, this helps to keep the appearance of aging, along with inflammatory skin conditions, at bay.

There are several different peptides used in skincare but the best results are seen when multiple peptides are combined together. This is what we’ve done for the Platinum Transformative Serum, which can be found in the Bionyx Platinum Transformative Collection. It contains a blend of three different peptides, along with several other ingredients that are revered for how they boost an aging complexion. Ceramides, collagen, elastin, vitamin C…all of these ingredients will soon have your skin looking crease-free!

6. Protect Your Skin From the Sun

By now, we’ve mentioned free radical damage several times. It’s something that you need to avoid as much as possible if you want to keep the appearance of wrinkles at bay. 

Unfortunately, the sun is one of the biggest contributors to free radical damage in the skin. This is why it’s responsible for up to 80% of the visible signs of aging on the face. From wrinkles to discoloration to sagging skin, much of this is down to UV radiation.

While making an effort to protect your skin from the sun isn’t going to reduce the damage that your skin has already undergone, it will enable the other products that you use to do so. Even if you were to use the most potent products in the world, they wouldn’t be able to make much of a difference to your complexion if, at the same time, it’s continuing to be harmed by the sun.

Fortunately, sun protection is easy – you just need to make it a habit! Start with a layer of SPF at the end of your morning skincare routine and then keep that product with you throughout the day, so that you can top-up your coverage every two to three hours. Do this year-round, in the winter too, and sun protection will soon become second nature.

7. Stop Squinting

eye care

If your wrinkles look more pronounced around your eyes, this could be down to repeated facial expressions. Each time your face forms an expression, certain parts of it crease up. When you’re young, these bounce back to smoothness once your face relaxes. However, as you age and your skin’s protein fibers start to deteriorate, those lines begin to stick around, slowly turning into permanent wrinkles.

What can you do about this? Firstly, stop squinting, as this will only make those lines deeper and more noticeable. Reading glasses, as well as sunglasses, can really help with this.

Next, work on tackling the visible creases around your eyes. Eye serums and eye creams are great for this. They’ll contain ingredients that have been proven to work well on the skin around the eyes, which is thinner and more fragile than the skin on the rest of the face. Use them regularly and your eye area should soon start taking on a smoother and firmer finish.

8. Learn How to Manage Stress

Last but not least, let’s talk about stress. For many, it’s unavoidable, and this is okay. In small amounts, there’s nothing wrong with a little stress. In fact, it can even be good for you!

However, once stress starts to become overbearing, then this is when the skin problems also begin. Stress causes cortisol, a hormone, to be released in the body. In large amounts, cortisol is severely detrimental to the skin. It causes huge amounts of damage to everything from protein fibers to cell DNA. As you can imagine, this drastically accelerates the skin aging process. All of that frowning that you do while you’re stressed doesn’t help either, speeding up the onset of forehead lines.

This is why it’s so important to have some stress reduction strategies that you can turn to whenever things start getting too much. Different methods work for different people, so try a few different options to see which ones are capable of bringing your stress levels down. Whether it’s reading a book, going for a jog, watching a comedy, journaling, or anything else, knowing how to manage stress will do so much for your skin in the long run.

Reducing the Appearance of Wrinkles With Bionyx

As you can see, there’s plenty that you can do to reduce the appearance of wrinkles while also preventing new lines from sieging your complexion. The key to ensuring that these tips actually work is consistency. Make the necessary changes to your skincare routine, as well as your lifestyle habits, and then stick at it – it should only be a matter of weeks before you start to see an improvement in the look of your skin!

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