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Beauty Sleep Takes on a Whole New Meaning With the Rhodium Night Recovery Cream

woman sleeping in bed

Published: February 28, 2023

woman sleeping in bed

People may jokingly refer to the idea of beauty sleep, but it’s actually very real. While you’re asleep each night, your body, including your skin, heals and rejuvenates. This is why a lack of sleep can quickly start to interfere with your appearance.

However, when it comes to beauty sleep, it’s not just quantity that matters. Quality counts too. The more restful your sleep, the harder your skin cells will be able to work.

This is where Bionyx’s Rhodium Night Recovery Cream comes in. Read on as Bionyx explains how this exquisite moisturizer can help to elevate your beauty sleep.

What is the Rhodium Night Recovery Cream?

Bionyx night cream

The Rhodium Night Recovery Cream is one of the products in the Bionyx Rhodium Collection. This collection offers up a selection of skincare essentials, and we all know that a good night cream is one of those daily must-haves.

Enclosed in a sleek glass jar, this night cream is rich yet lightweight. Not only does it feel ultra decadent on the skin, but it can also help to give the concept of beauty sleep a whole new meaning for you. How? Keep reading…

What Will This Cream Do to Enhance Your Beauty Sleep?

So, how exactly can this moisturizer enhance your beauty sleep? 

It’ll actually do so in several ways. Let’s take a closer look at each:

It Will Hydrate Your Skin Cells

skin cells hydrated

As we explained earlier, your skin cells are hard at work while you snooze each night. While you sleep, your blood flow increases and your skin uses this boost to rebuild its protein fibers and repair environmental damage.

However, in order for your skin cells to function to their full potential, they need enough moisture. Keeping your skin hydrated from within is important, but it can take a while for that glass of water that you drink to filter through to your skin. This is why it’s crucial for any night cream you use to contain plenty of hydrating ingredients, and our Rhodium Night Recovery Cream definitely doesn’t disappoint.

This formula is packed with multiple humectants, such as glycerin. Humectants are ingredients that boast moisture-binding properties. This enables them to hydrate the skin, leaving skin cells looking visibly plumper from all of that extra moisture. And just like that, your beauty sleep immediately becomes even more beautifying.

It Will Soften and Moisturize Your Skin

woman smiling holding face

Skin cells use up a fair bit of water each night. Between this and transepidermal water loss, which is when the moisture from your skin cells evaporates away into the air, the skin can often feel quite dry come morning, even if you’ve used plenty of hydrating ingredients.

The Rhodium Night Recovery counters this with the inclusion of emollient ingredients. These compounds form a film over the surface of the skin, preventing water from evaporating away. This keeps the skin feeling softer and more supple for longer, enabling you to wake up to a dewy complexion.

One of the key emollients in our night cream is shea butter. This plant butter, which comes from the nuts of the Shea tree in Africa, is also known for its ability to soothe the feeling of inflammation and redness. So, in addition to softening and moisturizing your skin, this cream will also calm and rebalance your complexion.

It Will Reduce the Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

wrinkles before and after

We mentioned earlier how quality beauty sleep encourages the skin to rebuild its protein fibers. These fibers, such as collagen and elastin, give your skin support and structure from within. They hold your skin up from beneath, giving your appearance volume and firmness.

To balance this, we designed our Rhodium Night Recovery Cream to leave skin cells feeling supported from the outside. Ingredients like hydrolyzed oat protein and shea butter help the skin to feel stronger and fuller, resulting in a smoother and bouncier appearance.

Of course, when you’re tackling the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles, antioxidants are key too. These are important during the day as well, but they become even more so when you’re catching up on your beauty sleep.

That’s why you’ll find a number of antioxidants in the Bionyx Rhodium Night Recovery Cream. When used regularly, they’ll help to contribute to a tighter and firmer complexion.

It Will Brighten Your Complexion

A good night’s sleep will have you waking up to skin that looks radiant. There’s no denying the glow that appears after a restful slumber!

However, apply the Rhodium Night Recovery Cream to your face before you go to bed and you’ll be able to intensify that radiance.


It all comes down to the colloidal platinum in our night cream. This exclusive metal is our signature ingredient for a few different reasons, one of which is because of how effective it is at brightening the look of the skin. Use colloidal platinum on your skin each night and you’ll soon be sporting a luminescence that lasts you through the day.

It Will Leave You Feeling Relaxed

woman massaging face

Let’s face it – in order for a person to get quality sleep, they need to be feeling relaxed. Everyone has their own ways of relaxing, but one undeniable method is massage. This physically relaxes the muscles, releasing tension in your face and body to leave your mind feeling calm too.

While you probably won’t have time for a full body massage each night, a quick facial massage only takes a minute or two. And it feels even more luxurious when you carry this out while applying a rich night cream, such as our Rhodium Night Recovery Cream.

You don’t need to trust us when we say that this cream feels so indulgent on the skin – there are plenty of reviews out there to back this up! People love how soothing it feels, making it ideal for a facial massage that encourages a restful night.

Take Beauty Sleep to Another Level With This Bionyx Routine

While spending a couple of minutes massaging our night cream onto your face each evening will go a long way in enhancing your beauty sleep, you can elevate this even further by following a full Bionyx facial routine before bed. Give these steps a try and you’ll really be taking beauty sleep to a whole new level!

Start by Cleansing

bionyx face cleanser

In order for your skin cells to beautify your appearance each night, they shouldn’t be weighed down by dirt, excess oil, and other impurities. Not only will all of these unwanted particles interfere with your skin’s ability to rejuvenate while you snooze, but they could also cause their own share of damage to your skin cells.

So, before using your night cream, make sure that you always cleanse your face first. The Bionyx Rhodium Mousse Cleanser is the perfect formula to use in the evenings. It’s from the same collection as our Rhodium Night Recovery Cream and, just like the cream, it’s incredibly hydrating. It’ll cleanse your skin without leaving your skin cells feeling stripped, enabling them to work to their full potential.

Apply the Rhodium Facial Toner

bionyx skin toner

While you could go ahead and skip straight to your night cream after cleansing, we’d recommend adding in a few extra steps if you really want to intensify your beauty sleep, and one of these is toning. 

A toner is a fantastic way to rebalance the complexion after cleansing, and our Rhodium Facial Toner will help you to do just that. It combines powerful, hydrating humectants, including sodium hyaluronate and betaine, with niacinamide (vitamin B3) and colloidal platinum. Together, these ingredients will hydrate and restore the feel of your skin, leaving your complexion perfectly prepped for the next step of your routine.

Treat Your Skin to a Serum

bionyx skin serum

There are a number of ingredients out there that can help to leave your skin cells feeling better supported each night. Our night cream contains several of them, but you could add even more to your routine with the use of a serum.

Take our Alloy Platinum Synergizing Serum, for example. This formula not only provides the potent combination of colloidal platinum and copper, but it’s also brimming with peptides. These are compounds that strengthen the feel of the skin’s protective barrier, which then leaves your skin cells feeling more capable of working to their full potential.

Another serum worth considering, which you can use along with our Alloy Platinum Synergizing Serum, is our Platinum Intense Eye Serum. While a good night’s sleep should mean that you wake up without having to deal with puffiness and dark circles, it takes a while for beauty sleep to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. That’s why, in the meantime, people turn to our eye serum.

Our eye serum is infused with a number of humectants. It’s also formulated with caffeine, an ingredient that you usually turn to in the morning rather than at night. However, as we mentioned, your skin cells are at their busiest while you sleep, so a good kick of caffeine will leave them feeling pumped to do their best!

Apply the Rhodium Night Recovery Cream

Rhodium night cream

Now that your face has been prepped, and hopefully also toned and treated to a serum, you can go ahead and apply your night cream. 

We’ve already explained the benefits of spending a couple of minutes giving your skin a facial massage while applying your cream. However, if you’ve already indulged in the other steps of your skincare routine and need to speed things up a bit, apply the Rhodium Night Recovery Cream as you would any other facial moisturizer. 

Simply use clean hands to scoop a small amount out of the jar and then spread this evenly over your face, before gently massaging it in. Your skin will absorb it in no time and you’ll immediately feel softer to the touch.

Other Ways to Encourage a More Rejuvenating Beauty Sleep

Want your beauty sleep to be even more beautifying? In addition to following the skincare routine featured above, there are a couple of other steps that you can take. 

The first is to try sleeping on your back, instead of on your side. This prevents your face from coming into contact with your pillow, which can contribute to wrinkles due to how it rubs against your skin. If you really can’t avoid side sleeping, switch to a silk or satin pillowcase so that your skin can rub against it friction-free.

Elevating your head can help too. This improves blood flow, which not only benefits your skin cells while they work at night, but also prevents puffiness and eye bags from forming.

Ready to Catch Up on Your Beauty Sleep?

Whether due to work deadlines, social commitments, or anything else, it’s always tempting to neglect beauty sleep, believing that a little less sleep won’t make a difference. However, it will. If you know that you need to play catch-up when it comes to your beauty sleep, now is the time to do so. After all, now that you’re armed with our top tips, along with our Rhodium Night Recovery Cream, you’re all set to start experiencing some of the best beauty sleep of your life! 

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