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Understanding Your Skin Type: The Key to Effective Skincare

bionyx skincare

Published: July 15, 2023

bionyx skincare

It’s easy to get distracted by alluring new ingredients or cutting-edge formulas when shopping for skincare products, but there’s one key factor that you should always prioritize; your skin type. If you want your skincare routine to be as effective as possible, then you need to make sure that every single step has been tailored to this.

Not quite sure what your skin type is or what it needs in order to thrive? Read on as Bionyx explains. 

Identifying Your Skin Type

mousse cleanser

There are five main skin types out there; dry, oily, combination, sensitive, and normal. 

How do you know which category your skin falls under?

One of the easiest ways to figure this out is to start by cleansing your skin. We’d recommend using the Bionyx Rhodium Mousse Cleanser to do so as this gentle formula is suitable for all skin types. It will lift away impurities and excess oil without leaving your skin feeling stripped dry.

Once you’ve cleansed your skin, gently pat it dry and then leave it bare for 30 minutes. Then, take a close look in the mirror to properly observe your skin, looking for some of the following signs:

  • Dry skin – skin feels tight and rough, and looks visibly dry and flaky
  • Oily skin – skin feels oily and looks shiny
  • Combination skin – some parts of the face are oily (the T-zone tends to be prone to this) while others look dry
  • Sensitive skin – skin feels itchy or inflamed. It may also look red
  • Normal skin – skin looks and feels ‘normal’, with any of the above issues being very minimal

Now that you know your skin type, let’s take a look at how you should be adapting your skincare routine to give your skin all that it needs.

Dry Skin

day cream

If your skin is dry, then this means that it isn’t producing enough sebum. This can happen for a number of reasons, such as aging, environmental factors, and vitamin/mineral deficiencies. 

Working out the cause of your dryness can be useful but, whatever it may be, your main aim should be to keep your skin as moisturized as possible. This is the role that sebum plays, meaning that your skin will require some extra help in this area since it isn’t producing enough sebum to keep itself moisturized.

The best way to ensure that your skin is consistently and sufficiently moisturized is to look for face creams that contain a mix of humectants and fatty acids. It’s always a good idea to go for separate day and night creams because sebum production varies at different times. Research confirms that the skin produces less sebum at night, meaning that your night cream should be thicker and richer than your day cream.

So, during the day, keep your skin moisturized with the Bionyx Rhodium Essential Day Cream. Thanks to the hydrating properties of glycerin, this cream is a superstar at binding moisture to the skin.  Meanwhile, the fatty acids from shea butter and sunflower seed oil condition and lubricate the surface of the skin while ensuring that all of that newly gained moisture remains locked in.

Once evening rolls around, treat your dry skin to the Rhodium Night Cream. Just like our day cream, it contains a moisturizing blend of glycerin, shea butter, and sunflower seed oil, but in a richer formula. It’s also infused with oat protein to strengthen the feel of your skin, plus colloidal platinum to give your complexion a glow.

Oily Skin

facial peeling

While dry skin doesn’t produce enough sebum, oily skin has the opposite problem; it produces an excess of sebum. Again, this can be down to a number of reasons, from genetics to hormones. Either way, it gives the skin a shiny appearance while making it greasy to the touch.

Usually, those with an oily skin type also find themselves dealing with frequent acne breakouts too. This is due to how the excess oil on the skin ends up making its way into the pores. Once there, it mixes with dirt, dead skin cells, and bacteria, causing blockages that quickly become inflamed. Once this happens, a pimple erupts.

It goes without saying that one of the best ways to deal with the problems that accompany oily skin is to keep the skin as oil-free as possible. This means cleansing the skin twice a day, along with exfoliating the skin a couple of times a week. While cleansing tackles oil and impurities on the surface of the skin, exfoliation pulls them out from a little deeper. Both are needed if you want to reduce the appearance of oiliness.

When it comes to choosing an exfoliant, don’t go with anything too harsh. This will only further irritate and inflame your skin, exacerbating your breakouts. Instead, try the Bionyx Rhodium Complex Facial Peeling. This peel is gentle yet extremely effective, making it ideal for diminishing the appearance of acne and brightening the complexion.

In addition to regularly cleansing and exfoliating, make sure that the rest of your skincare routine consists of hydrating but lightweight products. Avoid comedogenic formulas, meaning those that contain pore-clogging ingredients, which may mean doing some extra research each time you’re shopping for skincare.

Combination Skin

platinum cream

Combination skin consists of a mixture of dry and oily skin. Some parts of the skin are oily, whereas others are dry. The oily area is most commonly the T-zone, meaning the forehead and the nose. This is because the T-zone contains more sebaceous glands, meaning that it naturally produces more sebum than, say, the cheeks.

This makes combination skin one of the most difficult skin types to care for. While the oily areas need lightweight hydration and care, the dry parts of the face crave rich moisture. However, the heavier ingredients needed for dry skin tend to cause oily skin to break out.

So, what’s the solution? It all comes down to being very careful when skincare shopping. Look for formulas that are capable of deeply hydrating and moisturizing your skin without weighing it down, just like the Bionyx Platinum Transformative Cream. The sodium hyaluronate, glycerin, and vitamin E will be a savior for your dry patches, while the lactic acid and witch hazel extract will keep the feeling of oiliness under control.

The Bionyx BioLift Platinum Deep Wrinkle Concentrate is another product loved by people with a combination skin type. This lightweight serum contains a trio of skin-loving vitamins; A, C, and E. Not only do they act as antioxidants, meaning that they’ll help to reduce the appearance of aging and skin damage, but they also help to keep every skin type feeling balanced and able to function to its full potential.

Sensitive Skin

facial toner

If your skin type is sensitive, then this means that your skin easily reacts to different stressors. From the skincare products that you apply to the laundry detergents that you use to the chemicals in the air around you, sensitivities can be triggered by so many different factors.

The severity of sensitive skin ranges between individuals. Some experience very mild reactions to their triggers while others develop extreme symptoms. These symptoms can be anything from a general discomfort in the skin to a strong burning sensation, along with redness and itching. Usually, if your skin is sensitive to something, you’ll know about it!

Ideally, your skincare routine should be all about keeping your skin feeling soothed and balanced. This will help to calm the appearance of redness and sensitivities, clearing up your complexion to leave it looking bright and healthy.

One product that does this well is the Bionyx Rhodium Facial Toner. The cleansing process can often be rough on sensitive skin, but this toner will leave the skin feeling restored once again. It contains a minimal ingredient list, which is always important when dealing with skin that’s sensitive to various ingredients. However, the ingredients that it does contain, including sodium hyaluronate and niacinamide, are all superstars at helping to soothe the appearance.

Another product worth checking out is the Bionyx Alloy Platinum Synergizing Serum. It’s packed with peptides, which are renowned for how they strengthen the feel of the skin. They’re highly moisturizing too, making them ideal for those with sensitivities. 

Normal Skin

synergy mask

If you have normal skin, then you’re incredibly lucky. You don’t have to deal with dryness, excess oil, or sensitivities, meaning that you’ll be able to get more creative when it comes to building your skincare routine. Your skin type will enable you to experiment with a wider range of formulas.

That said, if you see a product designed specifically for excessively dry or oily skin, you may want to give it a miss. You don’t want to risk ruining the near-perfect balance that your skin is currently experiencing!

Wondering what to look for since you don’t have any skin type-related issues to tackle? 

Well, your skin will always benefit from extra hydration, along with vitamins and antioxidants. So, look for skincare products that offer a good range of these ingredients. All of the Bionyx products featured so far on this page do exactly that, so take a look through them all.

It can also be fun to pamper your skin once in a while, with face masks being the perfect way to do that. The Bionyx Alloy Magnetic Synergy Mask is always a delight to use. As you can tell from its name, this is a magnetic face mask, meaning that it’s lifted off the face with a magnet. The purpose behind this is to remove the mask’s heavier ingredients once they’ve done their job, allowing the lighter serums and plant extracts in the mask to remain behind on the skin. Gently massage these into your face at the end of your masking session and you’ll be positively glowing!


Now that you understand how your skin type should influence your skincare, you’ll be able to build a skincare routine that’s all the more effective. However, keep in mind that your skin type will change as you progress through life. So, keep reassessing your skin to ensure that you’re able to adjust your skincare routine to adapt to any changes that may occur.

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